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Our master woodworkers have handcrafted a variety of woodshop projects that are perfect for a weekend in your woodshop. You’ll be inspired by a variety of woodshop projects and unique woodworking ideas that will make your workshop more efficient and more organized. From shop storage to tool chests you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make projects for your workshop. Most woodshop projects come with a detailed plan and cut list that can be easily downloaded and new projects are added each month, so you’ll never run out of ideas!

  • How to Make a Straight Edge for your Woodworking Shop 20:30

    Shop-Made Straight Edge

    A straight edge is an invaluable tool in your woodworking shop. Unfortunately, buying a quality straight edge can be very expensive. Here’s how to avoid that expense by building... Read more

  • Building and Accessorizing a Workbench 1:31:38

    Building and Accessorizing a Workbench

    George Vondriska teaches you how to build a beautiful multipurpose workbench for your woodshop, complete with an adjustable top, storage for all of your handheld tools, jigs for the... Read more

  • Woodworking Projects Pegboard Shelf 6:41

    How to Make Pegboard Shelves

    Pegboards are a woodworker’s best friend for keeping a workshop neat and free of loose hand tools, but what do you do with those tools that you can’t hang... Read more

  • Cordless Drill Charging Station 48:11

    DIY Drill Stand & Cordless Drill Charging Station

    The cordless power drill is a vital tool in your woodworking arsenal, so don’t you think it should have its very own charging station? In this month’s project, George... Read more

  • Handy Lathe Table 51.:07

    Handy Lathe Table Plans

    George Vondriska provides handy lathe table plans for your workshop, making sure the lathe is at the proper height for your woodworking needs. From just two sheets of MDF,... Read more

  • Woodworking Projects: Classic Tool Chest 41:36

    Classic Tool Chest

    George Vondriska takes you through the step-by-step process of making a classic tool chest for your woodworking shop. The tool chest has plenty of room for both large and... Read more

  • Beginner Woodworking Projects: Saw Horses and Shop Stools 17:20

    Beginner Woodworking Projects: Matching Saw Horses and Shop Stools

    Even with the best of workbenches you sometimes run out of real estate in the shop. This beginner woodworking project video shows you how to make sawhorses and stools... Read more

  • Shop Storage Made Easy 43:40

    Shop Storage Made Easy

    Whether you’re a beginning wood turner or an experienced carpenter, a well-equipped shop should have a storage piece that keeps your tools organized and ready for use. In this... Read more

  • Workbench Plans: Building a Shop Table 31:52

    Workbench Plans: Shop Table

    Build a roll-around shop table from one sheet of 3/4″ plywood. This woodworking shop project is a great asset in any shop! Use it for an assembly and outfeed... Read more

  • Shop Cabinent Benchtop 36:18

    Shop Cabinet for Benchtop Tools

    Many tools don’t really work that well on top of a bench. Frequently a standard height bench makes the tool too high to comfortably work on. This shop-made cabinet... Read more

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