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  • How to Flush Trim an Overhang 3:39

    Flush Cutting an Overhang

    Instead of cutting mating parts to exact it’s often easier to cut one slightly oversize, and then flush trim the second piece to the first. And who doesn’t prefer... Read more

  • Rout Evenly Spaced Dadoes 3:31

    Rout Evenly Spaced Dadoes

    Need to cut a set of perfectly spaced dadoes? It’s easy. All it takes is a little shop math and a shop-made fence. With this technique, once you’ve accurately... Read more

  • How to Dish Out a Stool Seat - Woodworking Video 9:49

    How to Dish Out a Stool Seat – Woodworking Video

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use a bowl and tray bit on a handheld router to dish out an oak stool seat so that it is more comfortable... Read more

  • Perfect Grooves for Plywood With a Router Bit 4:13

    Using Adjustable Tongue and Groove Router Bits on Plywood

    George Vondriska teaches you how to utilize adjustable tongue and groove router bits to create perfect grooves for undersized plywood. He walks you through the easy step-by-step solution for... Read more

  • Cutting Slots on the Router Table 4:22

    Cutting Slots on a Router Table with a Spiral Upcut Bit

    George Vondriska shows you an easy way to cut slots using your router and router table. You can get accurate cuts using a spiral upcut bit which acts like... Read more

  • Dovetail Sockets on a Jig 8:13

    Accurate Fitting Dovetail Joints using a Dovetail Jig

    George Vondriska shows you some tricks on how to get a great fit between the tails and pins and sockets of your dovetail joint. Using a router based dovetail... Read more

  • Woodworking tips: Always Cut Down 7:43

    The Importance of Making Downhill Cuts with a Router

    Demonstrating on a tapered display case, George Vondriska teaches you why you should always make downhill cuts when doing a taper for a woodworking project to optimize the surface... Read more

  • Using Guide Bushings 3:07

    Using Guide Bushings on a Router

    Guide bushings are worthwhile additions for your handheld router because they work by cutting away at your specific woodworking project without damaging your shop-made jig. George Vondriska teaches you... Read more

  • What's the Deal with Vertical Panel Raiser Bit? 6:08

    Raised Panel Router Bits: Vertical Raised Panel Bit

    George Vondriska shows you how to make raised panel doors using a vertical raised panel bit on your router table. He will go through the process of creating a... Read more

  • Flush Trim to Make a Glass Panel Door 3:44

    Using a Flush Trim Bit to Make a Glass Panel Door

    Learn how to use a flush trim bit on your router to turn a traditional frame and panel door into a glass panel door. George Vondriska takes you step-by-step... Read more

Page 1 of 3123