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  • Using Contact Adhesive 6:15

    Using Contact Adhesive

    Contact adhesive is the preferred adhesive for adhering plastic laminate to a substrate. But the way contact adhesive is used is different from most other adhesives. If you don’t... Read more

  • How to Flush Trim an Overhang 3:39

    Flush Cutting an Overhang

    Instead of cutting mating parts to exact it’s often easier to cut one slightly oversize, and then flush trim the second piece to the first. And who doesn’t prefer... Read more

  • How Do I Know if it's a Riving Knife or a Splitter? 2:08

    How Do I Know if it’s a Riving Knife?

    Riving knives are the talk of the table saw industry. If you’re a table saw user, or considering buying a table saw, you need to know the difference between... Read more

  • How to Make a Straight Edge for your Woodworking Shop 20:30

    Shop-Made Straight Edge

    A straight edge is an invaluable tool in your woodworking shop. Unfortunately, buying a quality straight edge can be very expensive. Here’s how to avoid that expense by building... Read more

  • How to Finish the Ends of a Melamine Cabinet 4:17

    Finished Ends on Melamine Cabinets

    There are a lot of benefits to using melamine for cabinet cases. One downside with building melamine cabinets is that you end up with an unfinished melamine face on... Read more

  • Using Woodworking Software for Project Layout 6:04

    Using Woodworking Software for Project Layout

    When you use sheet goods in your shop how do make sure you’re getting the most you can out of each sheet? It’s relatively easy on small projects, but... Read more

  • Gluing a Face Frame to a Cabinet 4:28

    Gluing A Face Frame to a Case

    Gluing a face frame on a cabinet can offer some unique challenges. Master woodworker George Vondriska offers this quick and simple way to ensure the face frame ends up... Read more

  • How to Resaw on a Table Saw 4:49

    Resaw on a Table Saw

    We’ve already asked the question, “Should You Resaw on a Table Saw or Band Saw?” You decided this job should be done on the table saw. Now, we show... Read more

  • Should You Resaw on a Table Saw or Band Saw? 3:18

    Should You Resaw on a Table Saw or Band Saw?

    Do you need to resaw a board? If so, you could resaw on a table saw or a bandsaw. There are positives and negatives to both processes. This video... Read more

  • Cutting Non-Ferrous Metals on a Miter Saw 3:06

    Cutting Non-Ferrous Metals on a Miter Saw

    Cutting wood on your miter saw is pretty routine, but did you know that you can also use your miter saw to cut non-ferrous metals like aluminum and brass? ... Read more

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