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  • Using Organic Stains on Wood 4:34

    Organic Stains

    Nothing is simpler than making your own stains just using organic materials from your yard or kitchen. Master woodworker George Vondriska demonstrates the simple process that you can use... Read more

  • making tail sliding dovetail 4:54

    Making the Tail of Sliding Dovetail Joint

    Sliding dovetail joints are super strong. Master woodworker George Vondriska shows you how to set up and rout dovetails on a router table. Check back often at for... Read more

  • Making Sanding Blocks 4:09

    Making Sanding Blocks

    Hardback sanding blocks are extremely useful for many woodworking projects. Master woodworker George Vondriska shows you the simple steps to make a whole bunch of sanding blocks for your... Read more

  • Make Stains from Chewing Tobacco 3:27

    Make Stains From Chewing Tobacco

    For a unique approach to staining wood, master woodworker George Vondriska discusses how chewing tobacco can be used as a natural colorant. Stains from chewing tobacco add great patina... Read more

  • Make A Long Bow 4:05

    Make a Long Bow

    Why should Robin Hood have all the fun? Master woodworker George Vondriska teaches you all about what goes into making a custom long bow and how the shape gives... Read more

  • Make a Hovercraft 10:36

    Make a Hovercraft

    You have to see this to believe it. George Vondriska demonstrates how to construct an actual working hovercraft using a standard leaf blower and common woodworking materials found in... Read more

  • make a custom sanding block 6:09

    Make a Custom Sanding Block

    George Vondriska shows you how a quick trip to your local auto parts store is all you need to build your own custom sanding block that can help you... Read more

  • Light Duty Clamps 1:30

    Light-Duty Clamps

    George Vondriska teaches you about shop-made light duty clamps that are inexpensive and easy to create. Using materials found in any hardware or home store, you can make dozens... Read more

  • leveling edge with a belt sander copy 2:36

    Leveling Edge Banding With A Belt Sander

    Plywood edgebanding is best applied slightly wide and then sanded flush using a belt sander. Woodworking expert Bruce Kieffer shows you how to do this type of belt sanding... Read more

  • laying out circular rails 5:30

    Laying Out Circular Rails

    Building the circular rails for a round table can be intimidating. Master woodworker George Vondriska breaks down the steps using a straightforward approach, and you might be surprised to... Read more

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