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  • Miter Gauge Alignment Trick 1:08

    Miter Gauge Alignment Trick

    George Vondriska provides a super quick trick for aligning your miter gauge. Go through this simple technique with him and see how beneficial it is to flip your miter... Read more

  • How to Make a Router Bowl 29:02

    Make a Routed Bowl

    You may have found that you can’t use your trusty lathe to turn oversize bowls because they’re just too big to handle, but that shouldn’t stop you from making... Read more

  • Cutting and Installing Glass Door Retainers 3:22

    Cutting and Installing Glass Door Retainers

    When building glass doors on your woodworking projects, you’ll need to create wooden retainers that will keep the glass secure. You can make these simple glass door retainers using... Read more

  • Cleaning the Worm Screw on Your Table Saw 6:24

    Cleaning the Worm Screw on Your Table Saw

    Does your table saw (and your arm) complain every time you raise and lower the blade or change the blade angle? A little bit of cleaning will go a... Read more

  • Half Lap Glass Panel Door 7:59

    Half Lap Glass Panel Door

    Now that you’ve got the technique down for creating half lap joinery, try your hand at using half lap joints to create the frame for a glass panel door... Read more

  • Table Saw: Calibrate the Blade Height 4:05

    Calibrating the Table Saw Blade Height

    We all know how difficult it can be to adjust the height of your table saw blade to make precise dado and half lap cuts. You can ease the... Read more

  • Cut a Half Lap/Dado Head 9:52

    Half-Lap Joint: Dado Head

    The half-lap joint is an excellent option to have when building a frame or other project that requires piecing together rails. You can easily create a half lap with... Read more

  • Squaring a Cabinet 3:17

    Using Clamps to Square a Cabinet

    Getting the angles right on a cabinet doesn’t have to mean starting over. You can square a cabinet in one easy step by applying clamps to the corners. They’ll... Read more

  • Rout Evenly Spaced Dadoes 3:31

    Rout Evenly Spaced Dadoes

    Need to cut a set of perfectly spaced dadoes? It’s easy. All it takes is a little shop math and a shop-made fence. With this technique, once you’ve accurately... Read more

  • Table Saw Half Laps/Tenon Jigs 10:14

    Half-Lap Joint : Tenon Jig

    Half-lap joints create an extremely strong corner joint, useful for picture, door and face frames. You can accurately produce a perfect half lap joint using only two cuts and... Read more

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