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  • Cutting Non-Ferrous Metals on a Miter Saw 3:06

    Cutting Non-Ferrous Metals on a Miter Saw

    Cutting wood on your miter saw is pretty routine, but did you know that you can also use your miter saw to cut non-ferrous metals like aluminum and brass? ... Read more

  • Drilling Straight Holes with a Hand Held Drill 7:01

    Drill Straight Holes with a Hand Held Drill

    The best way to drill perfectly straight holes is on a drill press, but some projects are so large you can’t take them to a drill press. Or, you... Read more

  • Score Plywood for Perfect Crosscuts 4:08

    Reduce Chipping When Crosscutting Plywood

    George Vondriska provides essential tips and techniques for reducing chipping while crosscutting plywood. Scoring the plywood with a straight edge and utility knife first and then crosscutting, will result... Read more

  • Benchtop Mortiser: Aligning the Chisel 3:51

    Aligning the Chisel on a Benchtop Mortiser

    When using a benchtop mortiser to cut a mortise, it is very important to get the chisel in the right position. George Vondriska teaches you how to properly align... Read more

  • Porter Cable 4212: Half Blind Test Cuts 5:55

    Porter Cable 4212 Dovetail Jig: Half Blind Test Cuts

    Using the Porter Cable 4212 dovetail jig George Vondriska demonstrates the guess-and-check process for gauging the depth of cut for your half blind dovetails. As a rule of thumb,... Read more

  • Power Lapping a Bench Chisel 2:40

    Power Lapping a Bench Chisel

    George Vondriska demonstrates why you might consider using a foot pedal to control your power sharpener when power lapping a bench chisel. Because you want the chisel flat against... Read more

  • Understanding Drill Bits 5:01

    Understanding Drill Bits

    Our woodworking expert George Vondriska teaches you about the range of drill bits that you might find in your workshop and helps you choose the right bit for your... Read more

  • Setting Jointer Knives 2:30

    Setting Jointer Knives

    It is vital when jointing a piece of wood for your projects that the knives be properly set, and so George Vondriska teaches you a low-tech method for setting... Read more

  • Lubricate Your Dovetail Jig 3:16

    Lubricate Your Dovetail Jig

    George Vondriska teaches you how to properly lubricate your dovetail jigs to get a smoother glide with your handheld router. When applying a lubricant to an aluminum template and... Read more

  • Squaring Your Scroll Saw Table 1:10

    Squaring Your Scroll Saw Table

    Before you make your next cut on a scroll saw, check to make sure the blade is perfectly perpendicular to the table. George Vondriska shows you an easy way... Read more

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