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  • Benefits of a Track Saw 6:42

    Benefits of a Track Saw

    Your woodworking life will be easier if you cut sheet goods down to rough size before heading for the table saw, a great job for a circular saw and... Read more

  • Get some miter saw safety tips by watching this free woodworking video. 2:11

    Miter Saw Safety Tips

    George Vondriska talks miter saw safety and demonstrates why he prefers to release the trigger and let his miter saw blade come to a complete stop once he’s made... Read more

  • Versatility of Surface Sanders 9:16

    Versatility of a Surface Sander

    With all the woodworking tools on the market today, a surface sander may be towards the bottom of your “must own” list. However, after adding a surface sander to... Read more

  • Using a Drum Sander to Sand Complex Profiles 11:07

    Using a Drum Sander to Sand Complex Profiles

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use a 19-38 Combo Brush/Drum Sander from SuperMax Tools to easily sand those complex profiles that you just can’t reach on your woodworking... Read more

  • Selecting a Blade for a Sliding Miter Saw (DeWalt Videomercial) 4:26

    Selecting a Sliding Miter Saw Blade

    You can’t beat the cut quality of a sliding miter saw for your woodworking projects. Master woodworker George Vondriska discusses some of the key components of the DeWalt Precision... Read more

  • Inside View of a Planer 2:27

    Inside View of a Wood Planer

    Ever wonder what really goes on inside a planer to make that piece of cedar look perfectly smooth? George Vondriska uses a GoPro camera to show you exactly what... Read more

  • Woodworking Tools: 23 Gauge Pinner Review 1:26

    Gauge Micro Pinner Review

    Dave Munkittrick talks about why his 23 gauge micro pinner is one of his favorite woodworking tools. The nails are so small you don’t even need to cover the... Read more

  • Versatility of a Panel Saw and Router Combo Machine 11:58

    Versatility of a Panel Saw and Router Machine Combo

    Most people think you can only use a panel saw to crosscut sheet stock. Today in the workshop, though, George Vondriska demonstrates some of the handy woodworking techniques you... Read more

  • Choosing the Right Blade for Your Scroll Saw 10:37

    Choosing the Right Scroll Saw Blades

    There are a variety of scroll saw blades available for scroll saws, and George Vondriska explains the difference between 5 of the most popular scroll saw blades including the... Read more

  • Tips for Using a Random Orbit Sander 6:28

    Tips for Using a Random Orbit Sander

    A random orbit sander is a must have tool in your woodworking shop and a great way to sand most woodworking projects. George Vondriska explains the benefits and features... Read more

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