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  • Gluing a Face Frame to a Cabinet 4:28

    Gluing A Face Frame to a Case

    Gluing a face frame on a cabinet can offer some unique challenges. Master woodworker George Vondriska offers this quick and simple way to ensure the face frame ends up... Read more

  • Make a V-Block/Table Saw 4:23

    How To Make a V-Block on the Table Saw

    A V-block is a must-have shop-made jig, especially for safely cutting round stock on the bandsaw. The easiest way to make one? Use a two-cut set up on the... Read more

  • How to Make a Tiled Table Part 1 of 3 - Woodworking Video 15:04

    Build a Tiled Table- Part 1 Rail & Leg Assembly

    In the first installation of a three-part series on building a tiled sofa table, George Vondriska teaches you how to cut and assemble the rails and legs that will... Read more

  • Get some miter saw safety tips by watching this free woodworking video. 2:11

    Miter Saw Safety Tips

    George Vondriska talks miter saw safety and demonstrates why he prefers to release the trigger and let his miter saw blade come to a complete stop once he’s made... Read more

  • Choosing the Best Glue for Furniture Repair 9:35

    Choosing the Best Glue for Furniture Repair

    Woodworkers are commonly asked to do furniture repair. In this video you’ll learn about disassembling the piece, cleaning the joints and choosing the correct glue for reassembly. This particular... Read more

  • How to Clean Rust Off a Table Saw 3:25

    How to Clean Rust Off a Table Saw

    Learn some helpful tips on how to clean rust off a table saw. If your table saw has a cast iron top even the slightest amount of moisture contacting... Read more

  • Retrieving a Lost Arbor Nut 1:53

    Retrieving a Lost Arbor Nut

    George Vondriska teaches you a simple and time-efficient method for retrieving an arbor nut or washer that has fallen into the sawdust pile inside your table saw. Rather than... Read more

  • Gluing Countertops 5:08

    Gluing Countertop Material for Turning

    Solid countertop material makes for excellent material for turning bowls and other projects on a lathe, but it’s important that you be sure to properly glue multiple layers of... Read more

  • Tips for Building High Quality Chairs 6:20

    Building a Chair – Tips for Quality Chair Building

    George Vondriska teaches you some simple woodworking tips and techniques that you can utilize when building a chair. Learn how to make strong, high quality chairs that are comfortable... Read more

  • Saddle Square woodworking tool 1:51

    Tools We Love: Saddle Square

    George Vondriska talks about why he likes using a saddle square on his woodworking projects that require wrapping guidelines around a corner. You’ll be amazed how much easier it... Read more

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