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Improve your woodworking skills and become a better woodworker with a variety of woodworking projects that are perfect for a weekend in your woodshop. Watch expert videos and get inspired with unique woodworking project ideas for your home. From a mud room locker to end grain cutting boards, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make projects for your home. Most projects come with a detailed plan and cut list that can be easily downloaded and new projects are added each month, so you’ll never run out of ideas!

  • Mail and Key Organizer 17:23

    Wooden Key and Mail Organizer

    Remove the clutter from your kitchen counter with this easy-to-make key and mail organizer that has space for envelopes, keys, phones and other small accessories. In this week’s project... Read more

  • Woodworking Projects: Table Top Foosball 32:25

    Table Top Foosball

    Foosball is the perfect time killing game; it’s easy to learn, quick to set up and endless fun for the whole family. In this month’s project demonstration complete with... Read more

  • Woodworking projects: Mud Room Locker 48:35

    Mudroom Locker Plans

    Who doesn’t need more storage in their house for items you want out of site when you’re not using them. George Vondriska walks you through beautiful mudroom locker plans.... Read more

  • cutting board plans: end grain cuttingboard 27:41

    End Grain Cutting Board Plans

    In this woodworking project demonstration, George Vondriska teaches you how to build a long-lasting end-grain cutting board that will look and work great in your kitchen. He walks through... Read more

  • Woodworking Projects: Pizza Peel Project 21:58

    How to Make a Wooden Pizza Peel

    George Vondriska teaches you the step-by-step process for building your very own wooden pizza peel. He shows you how to build a roughly 16″ square symmetrical peel with a... Read more

  • Knife Block Plans 12:52

    Knife Block Plans

    George Vondriska demonstrates the simple woodworking techniques you’ll need to build your very own knife block that you can use in the kitchen. He gives you the proper measurements... Read more

  • Flag Case Plans 35:47

    Flag Case Plans

    George Vondriska prepares you for your next great woodworking project: a flag case. In these flag case plans, you’ll see how to custom build a case for any sized... Read more

  • Turning a Baseball Bat 41:20

    Turning a Baseball Bat

    You’ll never want to buy a baseball bat again after George Vondriska and veteran woodworker A.J. Moses teach you how to turn a customizable baseball bat to fit your... Read more

  • Adirondack chair plans 31:03

    Comfortable Adirondack Chair Plans

    There’s no piece of outdoor furniture more comfortable than an Adirondack chair. Our Adirondack chair plans have both a curved seat and a curved back. Be warned; once you’re... Read more

  • Building a Round Stool 34:36

    How to Make a Round Stool

    George Vondriska teaches you how to make a great looking round stool that you can use in your home or give as a gift. He demonstrates all the necessary... Read more

Page 2 of 3123