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Browse our original library of free woodworking videos that is filled with expert tips and techniques, tool and equipment reviews and advice from master woodworkers, all available to you for no cost at all. To enjoy even more high-quality woodworking videos, become a member for just $4.99/month.

  • Tour of Woodshop. Woodshop plans 3:40

    Shop Tour

    See what George has been up to for the last six months! It’s been a while since we checked in on the progress of our in-house expert woodworker’s new... Read more

  • What Would You Like To See? Woodworking Videos 1:02

    What Would You Like To See?

    Got a question about a certain technique we used? Want to see a project that we haven’t covered yet? Just feel like connecting with other woodworkers? Talk to us!... Read more

  • Simple Router Table Push Block 3:34

    Simple Router Table Push Block

    George Vondriska teaches you how to make a simple Router Table Push Block for accurately cutting across the end grain of narrow pieces of wood on a router table... Read more

  • Selecting a Blade for a Table Saw (DeWalt Videomercial) 9:50

    Selecting Table Saw Blades

    George Vondriska introduces you to the various types of table saw blades in the line of DeWalt Precision Trim Saw Blades that you can utilize on a table saw... Read more

  • Selecting a Blade for a Sliding Miter Saw (DeWalt Videomercial) 4:26

    Selecting a Sliding Miter Saw Blade

    You can’t beat the cut quality of a sliding miter saw for your woodworking projects. Master woodworker George Vondriska discusses some of the key components of the DeWalt Precision... Read more

  • Sanding, Dust Collection & Quality of Work 5:32

    Dust Collection & Random Orbit Sander Buying Advice

    You can make your woodworking career last longer and your finished pieces look sharper if you invest in good dust collection options for your random orbit sander. George Vondriska... Read more

  • Chip-Free Flush Trimming 3:13

    Chip-Free Flush Trimming

    Demonstrating on cathedral raised-panel doors, George Vondriska teaches you how to get a flush trim with a curved piece of wood to a pattern template using an Ultimate Trim... Read more

  • Table Saw: Check Parallelism 4:05

    How to Check Parallelism of a Table Saw

    Learn how to check parallelism of a table saw. If you don’t check to see that the blade and fence on your table saw are parallel, you could end... Read more

  • Using a Work Triangle 1:57

    Using a Work Triangle – Woodworking Technique

    Similar to the appliances in your kitchen, a woodworker should arrange their tools in such a pattern that allows them to be more efficient and more comfortable with their... Read more

  • Inside View of a Planer 2:27

    Inside View of a Wood Planer

    Ever wonder what really goes on inside a planer to make that piece of cedar look perfectly smooth? George Vondriska uses a GoPro camera to show you exactly what... Read more

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