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Browse our original library of free woodworking videos that is filled with expert tips and techniques, tool and equipment reviews and advice from master woodworkers, all available to you for no cost at all. To enjoy even more high-quality woodworking videos, become a member for just $4.99/month.

  • The Versatility of Multi-Purpose Router Jigs 16:31

    The Versatility of Multi-Purpose Router Jigs

    Master woodworker George Vondriska talks about the benefits of adding a versatile router jig to your workshop’s tool lineup. With this multi-purpose jig, you can complete a range of... Read more

  • Versatility of Surface Sanders 9:16

    Versatility of a Surface Sander

    With all the woodworking tools on the market today, a surface sander may be towards the bottom of your “must own” list. However, after adding a surface sander to... Read more

  • Using a Drum Sander to Sand Complex Profiles 11:07

    Using a Drum Sander to Sand Complex Profiles

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use a 19-38 Combo Brush/Drum Sander from SuperMax Tools to easily sand those complex profiles that you just can’t reach on your woodworking... Read more

  • The SuperMax Story 4:18

    The SuperMax Tools Story

    Warren Weber visits the WWGOA workshop to talk with our resident expert woodworker George Vondriska about the story of SuperMax Tools. Warren introduces a couple of SuperMax’s line of... Read more

  • Using Carbide Lathe Chisels on Solid Surface Materials 2:01

    Using Carbide Lathe Chisels on Solid Surface Materials

    Woodworking expert George Vondriska teaches you about the benefits of using carbide-tipped lathe chisels for turning bowls made from solid materials like countertop. He’s constantly impressed with how well... Read more

  • Working with Antler 5:34

    Working with Antler

    In this video on working with antler, George Vondriska says “antler” 33 times. He also teaches you how to properly mount a piece of antler in a four-jaw chuck... Read more

  • Using Barrel Hinges 3:02

    Installing Barrel Hinges

    In this week’s handy tip, George Vondriska teaches you why he loves using barrel hinges on his cabinets, and teaches you why you have to be careful when installing... Read more

  • Advantages to Finishing a Project Before Assembly 2:57

    Advantages to Finishing a Woodworking Project Before Assembly

    If you’re anything like George, you don’t like stressing over the minute details of a project after you think you’re already done. So George Vondriska teaches you the advantages... Read more

  • Table Saw Safety for Beginning Woodworkers 5:54

    Table Saw Safety for Beginner Woodworking

    Whether you’re an experienced woodworker, a beginner or somewhere in between, revisiting basic safety practices in the work shop is always a good idea. George Vondriska takes the time... Read more

  • George's Solid Wood Storage 2:04

    George’s Solid Wood Storage

    George Vondriska explains how he set up the solid wood storage area in his storage building. Using some heavy duty, inexpensive shelf brackets from a home center, he found... Read more

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