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Browse our original library of free woodworking videos that is filled with expert tips and techniques, tool and equipment reviews and advice from master woodworkers, all available to you for no cost at all. To enjoy even more high-quality woodworking videos, become a member for just $4.99/month.

  • Repair a Punky Turning 3:00

    Using CA Glue to Repair a Punky Turning

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use CA glue to salvage any turning project that has a rotted or punky patch. He demonstrates this simple woodworking tip on a... Read more

  • Preventing Glue Drips 5:07

    No-Drip Wood Glue

    George Vondriska shows the advantages of using no-drip and no-run wood glue on your woodworking projects. With no-drip wood glue you can eliminate the messes some wood glues create... Read more

  • Invisible Glue Joints 1:53

    Using Translucent Wood Glue for Invisible Glue Joints

    George Vondriska teaches you about the benefits of using translucent wood glue from Titebond to hide the glue joints that can affect the appearance of woodworking projects that implement... Read more

  • Gluing Wet Wood 3:00

    Using CA Glue for Gluing Wet Wood

    Working with a wet piece of wood for your next project? George Vondriska demonstrates in this woodworking video how to get that wet wood on the lathe using a... Read more

  • Gluing Countertops 5:08

    Gluing Countertop Material for Turning

    Solid countertop material makes for excellent material for turning bowls and other projects on a lathe, but it’s important that you be sure to properly glue multiple layers of... Read more

  • Adding Antler Accents 9:57

    Adding Antler Accents

    Adding antler accents to a project – in this case, a lidded box – can be a nice feature. Watch as George Vondriska turns a piece of antler on... Read more

  • Using Cauls and Playing Cards for Even Clamp Pressure 5:15

    Using Cauls and Playing Cards for Even Clamp Pressure

    George Vondriska teaches you a neat little trick for creating tighter biscuit joints on your shelving. After inserting the biscuits into their slots and filling them with glue, he... Read more

  • Tips for Building High Quality Chairs 6:20

    Building a Chair – Tips for Quality Chair Building

    George Vondriska teaches you some simple woodworking tips and techniques that you can utilize when building a chair. Learn how to make strong, high quality chairs that are comfortable... Read more

  • Saddle Square woodworking tool 1:51

    Tools We Love: Saddle Square

    George Vondriska talks about why he likes using a saddle square on his woodworking projects that require wrapping guidelines around a corner. You’ll be amazed how much easier it... Read more

  • Abrasive Planing, Sanding End Grain and Highly Figured Woods 11:31

    Abrasive Planing and Sanding on the SuperMax Drum Sander

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use the variable setting drums on an ES Dual Drum Sander from SuperMax to achieve two levels of sanding on your woodworking projects... Read more

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