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  • Using a Drum Sander to Sand Complex Profiles 11:07

    Using a Drum Sander to Sand Complex Profiles

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use a 19-38 Combo Brush/Drum Sander from SuperMax Tools to easily sand those complex profiles that you just can’t reach on your woodworking... Read more

  • Advantages to Finishing a Project Before Assembly 2:57

    Advantages to Finishing a Woodworking Project Before Assembly

    If you’re anything like George, you don’t like stressing over the minute details of a project after you think you’re already done. So George Vondriska teaches you the advantages... Read more

  • Sanding, Dust Collection & Quality of Work 5:32

    Dust Collection & Random Orbit Sander Buying Advice

    You can make your woodworking career last longer and your finished pieces look sharper if you invest in good dust collection options for your random orbit sander. George Vondriska... Read more

  • Easy Iron-On Veneer Applications

    Easy Iron-On Veneer Applications

    George Vondriska teaches you a quick and easy trick for iron-on veneer applications. This example involves applying veneer to MDF using a household iron and a recycled paper grocery... Read more

  • Tips for Using a Random Orbit Sander 6:28

    Tips for Using a Random Orbit Sander

    A random orbit sander is a must have tool in your woodworking shop and a great way to sand most woodworking projects. George Vondriska explains the benefits and features... Read more

  • Glue Squeeze Out that Glows 2:32

    Glue Squeeze Out that Glows

    Before you start the finishing process you want to make sure your project is free of any dried glue spots. Using fluorescent wood glue and a black light, George... Read more

  • Finishing Part 1: Sanding - The Perfect Finish Starts Here 6:23

    Finishing Part 1: Sanding – The Perfect Finish Starts Here

    Jim Heavey from WOOD Magazine starts a three-step process for creating a perfect finish on your next woodworking project with tips on sanding. The first step is to understand... Read more

  • How to Create a Crackle Finish 5:35

    Create a Crackle Finish on Wood

    A crackle finish on wood is something that can happen naturally over time or something you can do to a woodworking project right away. George Vondriska takes you step... Read more

  • Why You Need an Airbrush 6:52

    Why You Need an Airbrush in Your Wood Shop

    An airbrush is actually a tool most woodworkers should have in their shops. George Vondriska demonstrates three common uses and the advantage of having an airbrush in a wood... Read more

  • Sanding in Tight Places 3:18

    Wood Sanding Techniques: Sanding in Tight Places

    Don’t start finishing your next project until you check out this useful tip. It’s common to find glue squeeze-out in very tight places of your woodworking project. George Vondriska... Read more

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