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Check out our wide variety of woodworking videos featuring everything from woodworking tips and techniques to projects for your shop or home. You can watch hundreds of videos for free or join now to gain access to over 200 high-quality premium videos for just $4.99/month.

  • Woodworking Tools: Pencils 2:04

    Woodworking Pencil Review – Ticonderoga My First Tri-Write Pencil

    In woodworking, there are pencils and then there are your favorite pencils. Dave Munkittrick describes why the Ticonderoga My First Tri-Write pencil is his favorite woodworking pencil. Although designed... Read more

  • Woodworking Projects: How to build a bedside table 46:04

    Elegant DIY Bedside Table

    Spend 45 minutes with George Vondriska as he shows you how to build a simple yet elegant DIY bedside table. It features a top with breadboard ends, tongue and... Read more

  • Fractional Addition & Subtraction Made Easy 0:54

    Fractional Measurements Made Easy

    Is adding and subtracting fractional measurements slowing down the progress of your woodworking projects? Spike Carlsen has couple of quick tips on how to make fractional addition and subtraction... Read more

  • Making Edge Banding Flush 4:54

    Making Edge Banding Flush

    It’s not uncommon to use edge banding to put a clean edge on your projects which use sheet stock. Unfortunately, the sheet stock and the hardwood edge banding are... Read more

  • Using a Forstener Bit 3:14

    Using a Forstener Bit

    The forstener bit is a great woodworking specific drill bit and a must have for your woodworking shop. Unlike brad points, twist bits and paddle bits, a forstner bit... Read more

  • Stabilizing Material for Hand Cutting Jig 1:20

    Hand Cutting Techniques: Stabilizing Material

    George Vondriska demonstrates easy hand cutting techniques for stabilizing your woodworking project when hand cutting isn’t quite working. By lowering the piece of wood in the vise, you will... Read more

  • Tune a Paint Scraper 3:25

    How to Sharpen a Paint Scraper

    Dave Munkittrick shows you how to get a sharp burr on the edge of a paint scraper using your workshop’s bench grinder. Paint scrapers can be found in most... Read more

  • Uses and Advantages of Wet Wood 5:27

    Uses and Advantags of Wet Wood

    George Vondriska and Spike Carlsen clear up the common misconception about wet wood being useless. Spike shows off a few pieces of wood that were used as pipes hundreds... Read more

  • Know Your True Grit 1:18

    Sanding Techniques – Know Your True Grit

    Did you remember to bring your sanding equipment? You’re going to need if for this week’s sanding techniques. Dave Munkittrick teaches you a simple memory trick that he likes... Read more

  • Clamping Cauls from Scrap 2x4s 3:05

    Clamping Cauls from Scrap 2x4s

    George Vondriska and Dave Munkittrick teach you how to cut, joint and plane scrap 2x4s to make your own handy clamping cauls. These cauls serve a dual purpose; they... Read more

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