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Check out our wide variety of woodworking videos featuring everything from woodworking tips and techniques to projects for your shop or home. You can watch hundreds of videos for free or join now to gain access to over 200 high-quality premium videos for just $4.99/month.

  • Set Up and Cut Dadoes and Rabbets 15:43

    Set Up and Cut Dadoes and Rabbets

    Get step by step video instruction on how to set up and cut dadoes and rabbets. A rabbet is an L-shaped relief, cut at the end of the case... Read more

  • Figuring Out Project Angles 1:28

    Figuring Out Cut Angles for Woodworking Projects

    George Vondiska demonstrates a trick for using a piece of scrap wood to transfer cut angles in order to get a perfect fit for the not-so-straight edges on your... Read more

  • Woodworking Tooks: Radi-Plane Review 2:01

    Tools I Love: Radi-Plane

    Instead of using a radius or chamfer bit on a router table, George Vondriska likes to use a tool called a Radi-Plane to smooth out the sharp edges of... Read more

  • Woodworking woodshop tour 3:04

    Introduction to George’s New Workshop

    Long time WWGOA members might notice a change in our videos, as George Vondriska has relocated to a new woodworking shop! He’s thrilled to have moved all of his... Read more

  • Tips for Using a Random Orbit Sander 6:28

    Tips for Using a Random Orbit Sander

    A random orbit sander is a must have tool in your woodworking shop and a great way to sand most woodworking projects. George Vondriska explains the benefits and features... Read more

  • Woodworking tools: Screw Caps 2:16

    Tools We Love: Screw Caps

    Check out one of our favorite tools at WWGOA – screw caps. George Vondriska explains what a screw cap is and demonstrates how useful this simple product can be... Read more

  • Using Go Bars for Clamps 2:09

    Using Go Bars for Clamps

    What is a go bar? A go bar is low-tech device that is very effective in applying pressure across the entire surface of a project when clamps aren’t an... Read more

  • Laying Out a Round Table 18:37

    How to Make a Round Table

    The geometry on square or rectangular woodworking projects is pretty easy to figure out. But when it comes to round projects, like round tables, it’s a little more difficult.... Read more

  • Woodworking Projects: Classic Tool Chest 41:36

    Classic Tool Chest

    George Vondriska takes you through the step-by-step process of making a classic tool chest for your woodworking shop. The tool chest has plenty of room for both large and... Read more

  • Gluing and Clamping Tips and Techniques 1:06:13

    Gluing and Clamping Tips and Techniques

    Join George Vondriska for over an hour of helpful gluing and clamping tips and techniques. You’ll learn valuable information about what types of glues are on the market and... Read more

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