Contact adhesive is the preferred adhesive for adhering plastic laminate to a substrate. But the way contact adhesive is used is different from most other adhesives. If you don’t apply it correctly, you won’t have good adhesion. Check out these contact adhesive tips to make sure that once your laminate gets stuck, it stays stuck.


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  • Thomas Frantz

    OK here we go for #4. Wouldn”t spacers be useful even on such a small project like this to get a more accurate alignment? like thin dowel rods?

    • George Vondriska

      If there was ANY doubt about getting alignment, I’d use spacers. On something this small I wouldn’t bother. But on the 12′ long counter top I did about a month ago, spacers were a must.

      • Thomas Frantz

        Thanks, George. I agree and I’ve done it on small projects without, but I’ve also messed up a couple really small ones just eyeballing it. So I’m a little paranoid.

  • Bud Prine

    I saw your answer to Thomas Frantz about the use of spacers. I don’t do much PLam work but I heard you can also use waxed paper between the two surfaces until alignment is complete then pull out the waxed paper. Your thoughts?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Bud,

      It seems like waxed paper could work, but I’d rather use spacers. With spacers, like 1/4″ dowels, you can easily remove one at a time and start sticking the lam down in small sections. With a sheet of waxed paper it seems like you would have to try slide the entire sheet out at once. Just doesn’t seem like a good solution.