We’ve already asked the question, “Should You Resaw on a Table Saw or Band Saw?” You decided this job should be done on the table saw. Now, we show you how to do this, and do it safely. Follow along as George Vondriska offers his tips for safe and successful cuts on the table saw, and learn what kind of blade George recommends for clean cuts.


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  • Dan DeBruler

    Thanks. I’ve tried resawing on the table saw before with poor results. You video makes it easy to pinpoint my error. Blade. That was my mistake.

    • George Vondriska

      Glad it helped.

      • http://www.rkbnaz.com Roland Brown

        Why can’t I see the whole video as I am a paid member…

        • George Vondriska

          You should be able to see the entire video once you’re logged into the site.

  • Hanu

    Would it be ok/good to run it through vertically on both short ends as well, cutting through even more of the piece? Im just starting out on this woodworking journey, so i know practically nothing…

    • George Vondriska

      I don’t think resawing from the end grain would be a good idea. It could be very unstable balancing the work on its end, and would be unsafe.

  • barney

    Is there any way I can save the videos to my computer so I can watch them without going on line???

    • George Vondriska

      I’m not much of a technology guru, but I don’t think there’s a way to do this.

  • Brad

    Hi George. I’ve done this a few times, I don’t have a band saw so it’s the only way for me. I believe you have a SawStop ISC model saw, I have a SawStop PCS model, I noticed your saw bog down some on your first cut. Would you not recommend taking two passes on each edge, running the blade at a lower height on the first pass each time? I’ve resawn some longer stock than what you use in the video and the heat build-up on the blade is quite remarkable. One time the blade got hot enough I was afraid some hot stuff got into the saw, where there’s always sawdust, and could smolder there a long while. If taking two or more passes on each edge, with incremental blade heights is a good recommendation, I think it might be a great addition to your video. Thanks again for your excellent instruction!

    • Customer Service

      Hi Brad. You’re right, multiple passes would make it easier on both the saw and you. And you would probably get less heat build up on the blade.