We all know how difficult it can be to adjust the height of your table saw blade to make precise dado and half lap cuts. You can ease the struggle by utilizing digital calipers and a calculator to determine exactly how much a quarter turn on your table saw will change the height of the blade.


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  • Steve Gronsky

    Excellent tip. Thanks

  • Steve_in_Milton

    Great idea, but save the arithmetic. Most electronic calipers have a “set to zero” function. Make the first cut, measure the thickness, set the reading to zero, make the second cut and measure. The reading will be the difference between cuts. Also for more accuracy, use the decimal inches (instead of fractions) to .001 accuracy, do as before than multiply the decimal difference by 64 to get the number of 64ths

  • Diamondman

    I believe this technique will only work on table saws that raise the blade straight up and down (like the Saw Stop). Most American table saws still raise the blade in an arc and this will make the change in height per revolution non-linear.

  • brtech99

    Don’t forget backlash. When you change the direction of cranking, the wheel will move a bit before the blade starts to move. So you need to get the blade to move in the direction you want to adjust before you can use this technique accurately, especially if you are making small changes (1/8 turn, say). You probably could measure the backlash and make your calculations more exact if you needed to change directions.