Half-lap joints create an extremely strong corner joint, useful for picture, door and face frames. You can accurately produce a perfect half lap joint using only two cuts and a shop-made jig. Check out this video for info on making the jig http://staging.wwgoa.tnmarketing.net/video/004956_make-a-jig-for-a-half-lap-joint/


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Tags: Cutting a half-lap joint on a tables saw, half-lap joinery, and using a half-lap tenon jig.

  • Michael Litzkow

    As I watched you push each piece through the saw on the jig I saw a little space between the bottom end of the piece and the jig. I think this is because of the uneven clamping pressure provided by your single toggle clamp. However, I was surprised to see that your cuts still came out with a nice fit. This is just the kind of “real world” issue that so often happens in my shop. I’m curious whether you think that little gap is a problem?

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for the question. George said “I didn’t know about the gap until I watch the video now. The joint you saw me do on the video was in “real time.” Meaning the fit I achieved came from the work I did on camera. My feeling is that as long as the reference face against the jig is consistent, you’re OK. I don’t think the gap is from the single clamp, I think it’s from a less than perfect piece of plywood”.

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  • Jim

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  • Jim

    George, do you have a drawing of the half lap tenon jig you used on your table saw? I would be interested in making one for my own saw.

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