A V-block is a must-have shop-made jig, especially for safely cutting round stock on the bandsaw. The easiest way to make one? Use a two-cut set up on the table saw and it’ll be V for victory.


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  • Zeke Corder

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  • Wolf Lahti

    You don’t need even elementary trigonometry to determine the require blade height. If you want the cuts to start 3/8 inch from the edge of the block, simply subtract that distance twice from the block’s width. That gives you the length of the base of the isosceles block you’re cutting out, which is twice the height you want. (An isosceles triangle divides into two right triangles, and because you’re cutting at 45 degrees, the height and the base of the right triangles are equal.)

    It’s a lot easier and quicker to do the math than it is do describe it. (Thank goodness!)

    (width of block – twice the distance from edge) / 2 = blade height
    (2.5 – 6/8) / 2 = 0.875 = 7/8 inch

    This provides a quick check to see whether your block is thick enough to accommodate the cuts without trial and error ruining an otherwise perfectly good block of hardwood.