George Vondriska teaches you how to use a benchtop mortiser and a 45-degree V-block to cut a mortise at a 45-degree angle. He stresses the importance of taking the first cut slowly, so as to avoid the blade glancing off of the surface and affecting the cut quality.


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Tags: 45 degree joint, cutting a 45 degree mortise, and using a benchtop mortiser.

  • Gary Coyne

    Hi George,

    OK, the mortice looks fairly straightforward but now I
    want to see you prep the tenon. Does it go straight in or is it cut as
    any standard tenon except the shoulders are cut at 45 degrees. Also, the
    table you are working on there looks very interesting but I can’t find
    any other videos of it anywhere in the collection of videos. When will
    this appear?

    Thanks (I’ve just upped for a 2nd year, like the show).


    • Customer Service

      Hi, Gary. The tenon isn’t too bad to produce. Yes, you have to cut the shoulders at 45-degrees. The two face shoulders can be done on a table saw by tilting the blade. The top and bottom shoulders are done by hand. The table is called a Handkerchief Table. We shot it a couple months ago. It’ll find its way onto the site one of these days. :) Thanks for continuing your membership. We’ll keep laying info out there as long as there are woodworkers to use it.