In this woodworking project video, George Vondriska guides you step-by-step on how to make a beautiful occasional table. George teaches some helpful tips and tricks on how to easily cut all the pieces required and how to create tapered legs that connect using biscuit joinery. The top of the table has a ceramic tile in the center and is framed with white oak. As an added finishing tip, George will take time in this video to show you how to ebonize the white oak to give it a dark, rich black color.


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  • Don

    What an Awesome Looking Table! A great intermediate project for me, thanks. I cannot wait to get started!

    • George Vondriska

      Really glad you like it.

  • hotmeds

    Nice project George, I have a question I observed the finished table had a bit of a rock to it, if it is placed on carpet no problem however if it is on a hard surface (wood or tile floor) how would you rectify the rocking? Any tricks of the trade.

    • George Vondriska

      The plywood floor in my old shop was pretty uneven, in part due to constantly moving machines back and forth for videos. However, to check a table or chair for a rock put it on a really flat surface, like your table saw. If it rocks that means two legs are touching and two aren’t. Resolve this by taking equal amounts off each of the two legs that are in contact until the rock is gone. This can generally done with sanding so you can sneak up on the final setting.

      • hotmeds

        Thank you for your prompt reply!

  • dan

    Nice table indeed. One question – Could you have used pocket holes
    when joining the rails to the legs, the same way you did when attaching
    the rails to the table top.

    Thank you

    • George Vondriska

      Pocket holes are OK, but I prefer dowels, biscuits, mortise and tenon, dominoes…. Something the provides a good mechanical connection, and glue surface, between the legs and rails.

  • JimE


    Nice project.

    Could you include a project blowup with dimensions with projects? A cut list is ok but when I take it to the shop I can’t remember how the parts go together. A picture is worth a ……………….. well, you know.



    • George Vondriska

      We’re working on this.

  • George Vondriska
  • John Horgan

    Where did you get the clamps you used for this project? Or who are they made by?

    • George Vondriska

      The band clamp used to assemble the legs and rails was made by Bessey and is available from Woodcraft. The aluminum C clamps are available from Jack’s Tool Shed Their part # IT 23520

  • Bill Wardino

    Great project for this neophyte. I built the “occasional” table in two days. I didn’t use the band saw for the tapered legs, but a tapering jig I saw you use in another video, George. I also didn’t use pocket holes, but chose little L brackets, instead. They worked out great. Thanks so much, George.

  • Steve Kreins

    I have everything except a band saw. Bill Wardino mentioned below a video showing how to taper using a jig. Which video show that. I think I can fugure it out on the table saw, but I hate to reinvent the wheel.
    Thanks George