Screwing a faceplate directly to the back of the bowl blank creates some problems. It leaves holes in the back of your bowl, and it also limits how deeply you can cut into the face of the bowl without hitting screws. It’s better to use a dummy board and paper joint. The dummy board, simply a round wooden disc, can be cut from anything, even plywood scraps. Cut a disc slightly larger than the diameter of your faceplate and drive a brad through the center of the disc so that the brad tip projects about 1/8-in. out the back side. A paper joint allows the dummy board to be separated from the bowl later. Use paper that’s porous, like a grocery bag, or the glue won’t be able to soak in and hold. Using standard wood glue, glue the dummy board to the back of the bowl blank with the paper sandwiched in the middle. Use the tip of the nail to center the dummy board on a dimple you made in the center of the bowl blank. Clamp, and allow drying overnight.

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