Do you have a garden or enjoy displaying beautiful flowers? A standing planter box is the next woodworking project for you. George Vondriska introduces a fun and unique woodworking project that is simple to make and easy to use. This standing planter box is crafted with accents and depth. Find out the many benefits to this fun project while going through each step with George. Use these helpful tips to begin building your own planter.


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  • wmurton

    where can I fine cut list

  • Mike Coughlin

    Where is the cut list?

  • ralphhaugen

    very nice planter. How do I access the cut list?

  • Donald Dean

    Cut List ??????

  • Customer Service

    Thank you for your comments. This cut list is now available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • JHM

    I see 8 long and 8 short pieces for the main box parts on the cut list. Wouldn’t it be 4 long and 4 short?

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for your comment. We are in the process of updating this error. It should be 4 each.

  • Mountain Bike

    I had a feeling that the cut list was incorrect but I built two of these babies. One for me another as a gift for a friend. He loved it.

    • George Vondriska

      VERY nice. Great job.

  • Mountain Bike

    Where can I purchase cedar planks like the ones you use. I can’t find them anywhere in the Los Angeles or Orange County area. I have to purchase # 2 or better just to have something decent to work with. Very expensive.

    • George Vondriska

      I bought the material for these planters at a Home Depot. The thick material used for the sides is actually decking, listed as 5/4″ x 6″, actually 1″ x 5-1/2″. If the home centers don’t have it, maybe decking suppliers will.

  • Royal Lyson

    Do you have a purchase list?

  • Ron

    Nomenclature is problem. 5/4 X 6 understood, clerk head scratches with 1 X 5 1/2. Also, I am not sure of the other thicknesses given. 1 or 3/4. Are those thicknesses actual??? Not sure what size to request from lumber yard….. Note: cedar ain’t easy to find. Plenty of redwood, 2 X …. (anything). Appreciate the design…. and tutorial. Plans would be nice, but I can set up my IPad in the shop and follow video….

  • Kerry Drake

    I’ve upscaled the ones I’m building to a full 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. Got the first one and more than half of the second one done in about 8 hours of work.

    • George Vondriska

      Very nice. The larger scale looks good. Are you starting your spring garden in it?

      • Kerry Drake

        Yes, the planter is the 2nd stop for the spring plants once they’ve germinated.

        • Robbin

          Did you line the bottom and sides with plastic or rubber so it doesn’t leak inside? If so, would it need a drain when you bring it outside so the plants don’t drown?

          • Kerry Drake

            Nope, we just are careful when we water it. There is nearly 6″ of dirt in there so it would take a lot of water to leak through. Also mine are sitting on a slate floor, so a little leaking is no problem.

  • GreymomTN

    When my husband presented this to me after about four hours in the shop, I said, “Where are the wheels?” It now has 5″ rubber tires on one end and two handles that extend out from the other end and I can wheel it like a wheel barrow. Way cool. We have brought it into the house twice so my herbs don’t get bitten by the frost. Thank you for a great design and directions.

    • George Vondriska

      The wheels and handles are a great idea. Can you post a pic in case other gardeners want to “borrow” your idea?

      • GreymomTN

        Here you go. I am delighted that I don’t have to bend over to weed and even the tall Greyhound boy dogs can’t water it.

        • George Vondriska

          That’s great! Thanks.

  • Ken Harper

    a materials list would be extremely helpful… otherwise I will have to guess and I am a poor guesser….

  • Mark Kirchhoff

    The addition of the wheels and handles are great additions. Thanks for sharing.

  • Marcia Brunt

    Just want to interject a point here… cedar lumber is used for a lot of outdoor projects because of its natural pest and mold resistances (tannin). This same item in cedar can be deadly to many vegetable plants and can cause low or no production. I use redwood on my above ground planters and pressure treated lumber for the frames that touch the ground.

    • Joe

      What kind of red wood did you use sorry new to wood working. Was it red oak by any chance?

      • Customer Service

        In regards to your question the oak that was used is western red cedar.

  • Mike Coughlin

    My neighbors all want one. This is one I built for one of them.

  • Mike Coughlin

    here is pic

  • Guest

    Here’s my attempt George! On to the next project…thanks for the video!

  • Bob Farrell

    Here is my attempt George! Thanks for the video!

  • Scott Hardin

    The plan is great, but down here in Tallahassee nobody has ever heard of cedar decking. After research, I found that ACQ PT is safe so I substituted. Another deep south concern is how much water mature tomatoes drink on a hot summer day, so I added a high-tech watering device (the tequila was removed prior to its planter assignment).

  • Joe

    Hello I read in one of the comments that the stuff in cedar wood might alow the growth of flowers and veggies. She stated how she used Redwood but did not mention what kind. Can any one help?

  • Steve Kreins

    Outstanding teaching and project George! I always learn new techniques from you. Thanks!

  • Bill C.

    I noticed you countersunk the hole for screwing the box together, but now countersink in the boards being attached to and the drill didn’t look long enough to penetrate very deeply… Are you not worried about splitting on those boards?

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for your comment. No, there won’t be any splitting. The countersink and drill bit provided plenty of penetration into the mating piece.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Bill. No, I’m not worried about splitting. The drill had plenty of penetration into the mating board.