Learn some helpful tips on how to clean rust off a table saw. If your table saw has a cast iron top even the slightest amount of moisture contacting it can leave water marks and eventually rust spots. George Vondriska shows you how to remove and avoid rust spots by using rust remover, fine grit sand paper and tool sealer.


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  • LeeWalkow

    Thanks for the tip on getting rid of cast iron rust stains. Now let’s back up a bit. WHY???

    When my shop was in a garage all the cast iron developed a nice tan patina that never seemed to change or leave any kind of marks on the wood.

    Now that I have an indoor shop, the cast iron stays more of a metallic hue but any moisture does leave a stain. Again I say, so what? Eventually the whole table will be the same familiar tan patina that never seems to get worse or present any kind of a problem.

    One in a great while I do take some paint thinner that I’ve used to clean brushes and let it set a month or so. All the pigments drop to the bottom and I use the clear liquid on top to apply with a rag to my cast iron tables. I don’t think it stops the rust but it makes me feel better. I am still using 40 and 50 year old tools and have never had any problems.

    • George Vondriska

      I’m OK with a patina. My cast iron tools have also changed color. I’m not OK with rust. I don’t think I’m OCD but it does drive me nuts when someone sets a drink on one of my tools and leaves a ring.


  • George Vondriska
  • Earl

    What if you live in Hawaii like I do; rust is inevitable from the moisture in the air. A can of soda is a petty issue.

    • Customer Service

      Rust does come from sources other than sweaty pop cans. I suggest in the video using a tool specific lubricant to help seal the cast iron and prevent rust. Here’s one designed specifically to prevent rust. It’s available at most woodworking stores and Amazon:
      Boeshield G2870 T-9, 4 oz. Aerosol Can

      Give it a try and let me know what you think!

  • John Brazie

    I was always told to put a coat of wax on the cast iron.I have been using Johnsons paste wax,should I clean that off and use a product like Boeshield?

    • Customer Service

      George says: “Wax is fine as long as it’s silicone free. The carnauba-based waxes are great. I like the aerosol products better because they’re easier to apply.”

  • Steve Matthews

    Does this technique also work for corroded aluminium. I have a bandsaw with an aluminium table that was left outside by someone that I lent it to…. I won’t be doing that again!

    • Customer Service

      Hi Steve-yes, this should work on an aluminum table, too. Don’t forget to leave a final coat of sealer on the table after it’s clean to help prevent it from getting icky again. And check over you list of who you’re willing to loan tools to. :)

      • Steve Matthews

        :-) Hahaha….. Thanks for the information… List updated!