George Vondriska talks about why he likes using a saddle square on his woodworking projects that require wrapping guidelines around a corner. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is than using a conventional square!


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  • Dan Roper

    Thanks George. I have never gone to the expense of purchasing one of these since I have a “center finder” attachment for one of my combination squares. When I replaced the square, I kept the attachment to use for layout just as you showed.

  • rdfInOP

    I’ve had one for years and it’s useful enough to me that I keep it in the pocket of my apron along with a utility knife and not much else.

  • abt

    I use the center-finding head from my Starrett rules. It works quite well, and I can save some cash because of it’s dual use capability.

  • Dean

    I have a saddle square from Bridge City Tool Works, which has the advantage of folding in the middle, which allows marking lines on a piece where the two sides are not 90 degrees. Very useful tool.