Learn how to correctly wrap sandpaper around the drum of a surface sander. George Vondriska is joined by Warren Weber from SuperMax Tools to show you the best way to wrap sandpaper on the drum. Following his advice will ensure the paper has a nice fit so it doesn’t come loose, preventing over laps that can put burns in your material. Watch this step-by-step process and learn the dos and don’ts of putting sand paper on your surface sander.

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  • Gary

    Good tip on paper installation. Sadly my Performax 16/32 mostly sits in my shop. I can’t get it to stop burning the wood. I change out the paper only to damage the next one. I end up with burn streaks in the roll. Most of my wood is either oak or maple. Never soft woods. I have played with the speed with no success. Would like a tip on what speed to run at. I barely have it hitting the wood trying to minimize the burning. Rather sorry I spent the money on a drum sander.