George Vondriska teaches you how to use CA glue to salvage any turning project that has a rotted or punky patch. He demonstrates this simple woodworking tip on a piece of spalted maple that he’s turning into a bowl. By applying multiple coats of medium viscosity CA glue while the piece is on the lathe, you can fill in any voids and even bring out some extra dark to make it extra aesthetically pleasing.


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Tags: Repair a Punky Turning, Titebond Glue, and Using CA Glue to Repair a Turning.

  • Kaydubya

    George, I’m interested in that mounting system. I’ve not seen anything like that. Where can I found out more about it?

  • KrisMarikha Parke

    I believe it is a Longworth/Bowl Finishing chuck… I want one as well. Looks way awesome