Whether you’re an experienced woodworker, a beginner or somewhere in between, revisiting basic safety practices in the work shop is always a good idea. George Vondriska takes the time to go over basic table saw safety with a beginning woodworker. From where to stand, when to use a push stick, blade height and other table saw safety practices, this video is a quick reminder of how to stay safe when using the table saw in your work shop.


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  • AirForceVet

    I am also new to using a table saw and have a Porter-Cable table saw. I appreciate your video and after seeing it, I’m going to make some changes. I’ve only used my saw one time so far, to rip a piece of plywood, but after watching some other videos on using table saws, I saw that they weren’t using the riv knife or plastic blade guard. So, I took mine off. Well, after seeing this video, I am going out right now and put them back on. Thanks again for the great safety training, and I look forward to seeing more of your table saw videos.

    • George Vondriska

      Glad to hear the guard is going back on.


    • Scott K Williams

      Table saws will hurt you, if YOU let them. They are very safe when used properly but boy, if you break a rule, they can jump up and bite you in the hand, arm, face, and a**! Be careful and play it safe. It takes only a second of indiscretion to spend the rest of your life missing a finger, or an eye.

  • Harry

    Thanks George, very informative and affordable video. I feel that whatever your experience level, their is always room to learn. I too will be replacing my guards and kb pawls.

  • Matooz

    I guess it depends on what the value of a digit or two and the cost of their loss or rehab is to you.