George Vondriska provides handy lathe table plans for your workshop, making sure the lathe is at the proper height for your woodworking needs. From just two sheets of MDF, you can create a lathe table with a tool and lathe accessory drawer and an attachable tower with chest handles and stack of drawers.

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  • Mtbmdk

    Video fails (shows not currently availabe ar 34:48), multiple times onmultiple devices. if restarted and moved past that piont same issue occurs.

    • Customer Service

      We apologize that you are having difficulty viewing this video. We have tested this video and it seems to be working properly. We recommend logging out and starting a new session. We also highly recommend using the latest version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome as your Internet Browser, though recent versions of Internet Explorer will work as well. You will need Adobe Flash Player in order to view the videos. The recommended screen resolution is 1024 x 768 or larger. Please let us know if you continue to have trouble with accessing the video content and we will perform additional troubleshooting with you.

  • Paul Blythe

    I just joined a week or so ago and really enjoy your videos! I like that you also include a cut list with your videos as well. Could I make a suggestion? If you could place a picture of the project (cover page) on your cut list… that would help identify what the cut list is for when I’m ready to dive into this project. Just a thought, Thanks again for all of your hard work with these vids!!

  • lcenter

    What is the make of the grinder on the end?

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Icenter! It’s a Delta wet grinder. Doesn’t look like it’s made any more.

      • lcenter

        Many thanks.

  • Dorald Keefer

    NEW MEMBER . . Great video! I appreciate your extra efforts in sharing “Build Tips”. This adds a nice touch.

    QUESTION: Other than the added weight benefit, do you see a big problem with constructing this from 3/4″ plywood? (Adjusting the dimensions for the thickness difference as well.) MDF sheets are tough to handle for me to handle. For dimension sake, you refer to the height of the top being good for your height, how tall are you? Might help me in adjusting dimensions.

    I’ll be making this cabinet for my Laguna Mini Lathe which I won in a raffle through The Patriot Woodworker. Pretty cool huh?

    Again, really enjoyed my first video with my membership and look forward to viewing more George. Keep producing them,,,

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Dorald! Congrats on winning the lathe.
      ¾” plywood would be fine for this project.
      I’m 5’10”. When the stand is done and the lathe is on it, you want the spindle of the lathe to be about the same height as your elbow.

  • Dorald Keefer

    Just finishing up the lathe table build. Decided to go with MDF. man, first time using that stuff. Heavy and dusty. . . Big time. Great, common sense video and tips.