George Vondriska shows you how to create and use two different sleds in your woodworking shop using Micro Jig appliances, one for cutting perfect miters on your table saw, and another that will help you to easily crosscut small woodworking pieces with your band saw. The Zero Play® Guide Bar System from Micro Jig fits directly into the miter gauge slots on your table saw and band saw, which ensures that your sled will stay on a straight line and makes your job much easier.


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  • John B

    it didn’t appear at first for me either. Took 2 minutes of audio playing before I got a picture

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    hatI have to pay for a subscription to watch videos?

  • Bill Moore

    If I nave to pay for a subscription why even be a member.

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  • Dave Morgan

    Great idea for cutting the small blanks for pens, bottle stoppers, etc.
    Thanks George