George Vondriska introduces you to the various types of table saw blades in the line of DeWalt Precision Trim Saw Blades that you can utilize on a table saw for your woodworking projects. He talks about a crosscutting blade with 60-80 teeth in an alternate top bevel pattern that is optimal for end grain and sheet good cuts, a ripping blade with 24-40 teeth with a flat top grind good for ripping stock, and a general purpose 40-tooth blade with an alternating top bevel pattern AND deep gullets that you can use to both rip and crosscut wood.


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  • Wayne Williams in Garland, TX

    George, on the Red Oak Cross Cut at 8:40 in the video you stack the just cut pcs and show us the edge that was not cut by the 40 tooth blade.

    • George Vondriska

      Looks like you’re right. Brain bubble on my part. Good news is that at 8:44, where you can clearly both edges of the top piece, the right edge (that was cut) looks good too.

  • Steven Akers

    Good eyes Wayne. I played it back and you are correct.