Woodworking requires you to be exact, and the first step to making perfect measurements and cuts is to have properly maintained equipment. Naturally, woodworking tools loosen, wear down and lose their effectiveness, so it is extremely important to regularly check and take care of your woodworking machinery so it stays in top form. In this video, George Vondriska discusses and demonstrates some of the ways to set up and maintain a few of the standard woodworking tools in your workshop, including the table saw, band saw, jointer and planer.

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  • Jien Wallebeck

    I am a new member to WWGOA and have just watched this video and have found it very helpful. I have a table saw with a granite top. How do you recommend maintaining the integrity of the top? Thanks.

  • Mark Lamon

    Thanks for this great video! I had originally seen your band saw tuning video and after following your directions for the first time since I had purchased it, I was able to get it to perform as it should. I need to change the knives on my joiner and planer and after watching this video I now have the confidence that I will be able to do it and get them running perfectly!

    To me, these tips alone are worth my membership cost! Thank you again!

  • Joe

    Quick question my table saw is off by 5 Thousandth of an inch. You indicated that if it was off by more than three I should adjust it. One is it worth adjusting two thousandths of an inch also. I am kind of confused as to which direction I should be adjusting left or right?

    • Customer Service

      In regards to your question George said “Yes, I’d try to make the adjustment and correct so the difference from front to back is .003″ or less.

      Which direction has a lot of “it depends” in the answer. If you’re measuring from the left miter gauge slot and the back of the blade is .005″ further from the slot than the front, the back of the blade needs to move to the left at least .002″. However if the available adjustment at the back (the bolts in their oversize holes) is already at the end of its left-most travel, you’ll have to move the front of the blade to the right instead.

      Bottom line is that you’ll have to loosen up bolts and see what happens. The adjustment you’re asking for is so small I would think you could make it on either the front or the back.

      Glad you’re taking the time to work on this. Some woodworkers don’t bother, and their saw never works correctly.”

  • Dennis

    Watching the cleaning of the trunnion on the table saw I was wondering if it is not a good idea to use compressed air to get some of the sawdust out? Seems like a simple solution but may not be good for the saw. Good video so far. Thanks.

  • Joe

    whoops so what if you have SIX bolts to your very old table saw. As well you went ahead and got them all loos due to not being able to adjust it. Can you just come over and PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Customer Service

      Yikes! You’ll need to snug the bolts and see where things are at, then go from there on your adjustments. Remember to leave a bolt or to snug when you start adjusting so it doesn’t get away from you.