There’s no piece of outdoor furniture more comfortable than an Adirondack chair. Our Adirondack chair plans have both a curved seat and a curved back. Be warned; once you’re settled in to this chair you won’t want to get out.

There are lots of curves in an Adirondack chair, but don’t sweat it. We’ve provided full-sized patterns that’ll make it easy for you to accurately produce parts. And the video takes you through the steps you need to simplify assembly.

The chair is made from readily available cedar decking. Combined with the right choice of exterior glue and fasteners (we tell you what to use), your chair will last a lifetime, even if it lives outside full time.

Plan on making a bunch of these great chairs. Everyone you know will want one.

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  • Joe

    You inspired me with this video to try my first “serious” wood working project making two of these chairs as a gift. Thanks to the plans and the tips in the video the final product came out excellent. Only drawback is without a bandsaw, there is a lot of jig saw cutting. Using a jig saw, I was unable to bond the pieces for the cutting, but did for the sanding and was able to compensate for differences from the free hand jig saw work. All in all, a very satisfying experience. BTW, using a small local printer I was able to provide the template on a flash drive and got it printed for $6.

  • John Brazie

    I have built several chairs that are close to these.Some thing that I changed the support that in on the front leg and made 1 1/2 ” wider and made a extra one for each side,then I made a little shelf and drilled a 2 1/4″- 2 1/2″ hole in the arm rest and made a nice soda can ,or glass holder.After all when we sit in one of these chairs we don”t want to get out of it,so lets have something to drink.