Hearing Protection

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Hearing Protection for the Woodshop

Why Hearing Protection is Important My first job out of college was framing houses. The contractor I worked for was ‘old school.’ Protective gear like gloves, earplugs or safety glasses were generally viewed as signs of weakness. For a long time I tried to be a tough guy. After an afternoon of air-nailing fire blocking… Read more


We Love Our Music

Wow!  In answer to my question about music on or music off, turns out you love your music in the shop. Here’s what readers had to say: Bruce H. As for the music in my shop, yup, 99% of the time. And it is always the same radio station, modified bluegrass. Bob S. Classical for… Read more


QuieTunes Earmuffs

I really need background music when I’m working. Unfortunately, once I put hearing protection on to save my ears from shop noise, the only thing I can hear is myself thinking. And that’s not always pretty. QuieTunes AM/FM Radio Earmuffs, $74.50, are a real lifesaver. They’re ear protecting muffs that reduce sound by 22 decibels,… Read more

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SensGard’s Zem Hearing Protectors

  Scientific Hearing Protection – Noise Canceling Technology Without the Batteries. Industrialization brought loud noises into a relatively quiet world. The first hearing protection was right at hand: fingers or hands were employed to either plug or cover the ears. These early devices worked OK, but made it hard to work while they were being… Read more