Download Jigs, Fixtures and Shop-Made Helpers

Jigs, Fixtures and Shop-Made Helpers

Price: $19.99

In this step-by-step tutorial, George Vondriska teaches you how to build and use a variety of essential woodworking jigs, fixtures and everyday helpers to make your job in the workshop simpler and less stressful. He first discusses various important tips for choosing the materials you’ll utilize for your jigs, highlights some hardware that you should always keep nearby, and then walks you through the building process. 74 minutes

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    I just downloaded this and watched it. Would have been good to see a list of jigs & fixtures included in the video before buying. There were some problems with play back audio-video out of sync in places and video shuddered in one spot, but then continued. I bought this sale for 75% off to try one of these videos, I don’t think I would want to pay full price for it. That said, George does his as always excellent job of taking you through each step of making and using each jig. The longer I am a member the more I appreciate his well done instruction videos that I think everyone can follow. Good quality video (except for issues I mentioned) I will make a couple of these jigs for future use I’m sure. Thanks George!

  • Chris Rodgers

    It would probably be helpful if there was a listing and/or description of the items included in the video…

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Chris. Thank you for your comment. Your feedback has been forwarded to the proper department. Your comments are important to us and help with the development of our online video streaming community.

      • Chris Rodgers

        “Your comments are important to us…” – clearly not important enough to add details to the description of this product. How are the sales going for products that say “…teaches you how to build and use a variety of…” but never say what the things are? No list or description of the “…essential woodworking jigs, fixtures and everyday helpers…”. It is about as effective as saying “Here is a video of building stuff, buy it and see”. I would imagine sales would be much better if you at least listed the things we would be building. From the pictures, it looks like a push stick and a circle cutter for your router. Is that it?