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You’ll make completing woodworking projects look simple with these step-by-step woodworking plans. Easily create elegant candle holders, walnut stacking shelves, a potting bench and more! Sign up for a WoodWorkers Guild of America Premium Membership to unlock this library of helpful and handy woodworking plans for just $4.99/month!

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Elegant Candleholder easy woodworking plans

Elegant and Easy Candleholders

This made-in-a-weekend gift will brighten the day of the recipient, but you get something out of it, too: a use for those small scraps too good to throw out. In our stash of cutoffs, we found maple and wenge. Use these easy woodworking plans to create an elegant candleholder for your loved ones.


Big Rig for Little Drivers

Little cars and trucks pose a big problem: Finding a place to park them after playtime. This truck delivers a solution: Its triple-tray trailer holds 45 of the popular 3″ vehicles.

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