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Seth Keller designs and builds custom furniture in St. Paul, Minnesota. He sells his work locally and nationally. He studied literature and art at UW – Madison and UNC – Asheville and Interior Design at Parsons School of Design in New York City. Get more from Seth on Google+

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Hearing Protection for the Woodshop

Why Hearing Protection is Important My first job out of college was framing houses. The contractor I worked for was ‘old school.’ Protective gear like gloves, earplugs or safety glasses were generally viewed as signs of weakness. For a long time I tried to be a tough guy. After an afternoon of air-nailing fire blocking… Read more

Mortise and Tenon Jig Review

Leigh Super FMT Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig Tool Review

Accuracy and Repeatability The Leigh FMT Mortise and Tenon Jig is super fast at milling mortise and tenon joints. A little sibling to the industrially machined aluminum Leigh Pro FMT, this less expensive model is made out of 10 and 12 gauge bent and bolted steel. Arriving standard with the jig is a 5/16” spiral… Read more

How to Make a Recipe Box

Recipe Box

Let the Feast Begin! At our house, we use an iPad search for much of our cooking, but we also have a slew of recipes passed down from grandparents or culled from the Food & Wine section of the local newspaper. I’ll never throw away these pre-internet culinary gems, and I’ve designed a simple, beautiful… Read more

Custom Cut Butterflys - Pare the mortise

Custom Cut Butterfly Joints

Handmade Graduated Butterflies Are Stunning The butterflies or ‘dutchmen’ embedded in this desktop are custom sized and cut on a bandsaw. Butterflies stabilize the crack and also provide a focal point on top of the desk to highlight your woodworking skills. When making butterfly joints, I tend to avoid templates available at woodworking stores. In… Read more

Graco TrueCoat Product Review | WWGOA

Graco TrueCoat II Review

I have tried practically every method of finishing, but waterborne finish technology continues to evolve, keeping me on my toes. Clients recently requested flat panel cabinet doors and end panels to replace their existing ones, but they wanted lacquer-like smoothness with an environmentally friendly finish. Balancing all of the variables like cost, durability, ease of… Read more


Table Top Fracture Repair

Much of the work I do utilizes beautiful, live-edge hardwood slabs like this 34” wide piece of Red Oak. Because my sources are often different, I rarely know how long the wood has been drying, what the conditions were, and if the wood will move much when I get it back to my shop. I… Read more


Countertop Connectors for Project Assembly

A client recently asked me to design a platform bed for him. Beds are always a challenge; because of the large size, they must always disassemble for transport and delivery yet be rock solid when set up. The large miter on the corner of the platform presented a particular problem. The long joint needed to… Read more

Domino XP500 Product Review

Domino XP500 Review

In the 21st Century it is rare that a tool can revolutionize a wood joinery technique, yet the Festool Domino does just that. It borrows the portability and engineered fasteners from the biscuit jointer, and the robust joints created by a slot mortiser to result in a super-efficient joint making machine. The first time I… Read more


An “Authentic” Arts and Crafts Finish

There is actually no single, authentic, “Arts and Crafts finish,” rather many different schools of thought and technique that comprise the totality of the discipline. It seems that people are looking for that radiant, reddish chocolatey finish when uncovering an antique Stickley chair at a garage sale. In my research, I found the original Stickley… Read more

Tabouret Table instructions

Build a Limbert #251 Tabouret Table, Part 2

In Part 1 of this story, I showed you how to make and assemble the base of this beautiful table. Now we’re ready for the corbels and top. MAKE THE CORBELS: First, make a template for the corbels using masonite or similar material (See Diagram C). Lay the four corbels out on one piece of… Read more

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