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David Radtke is a custom cabinetmaker, woodworker, home design consultant and freelance writer. As a former Senior Editor of a popular home improvement magazine, he designed and built specialty bookcases, landscape architectural projects and a variety of home improvement projects. He currently designs and builds furniture and writes woodworking articles for woodworking magazines and custom publications. Get more from David on Google+

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Wooden Camping Chair

Carry-along Wooden Camping Chair

I’ve been through the gambit of store-bought collapsible chairs to bring along on my canoe trips and none of them have really grabbed me. until I came up with this one. I ran across a photo of a two-piece chair similar to this in a book about ancient Vikings and was inspired to modernize it…. Read more

Drill Press Table Plans

Shop-Made Drill Press Table Plans

This is a shop fixture that’s worth getting started on immediately. Stationary drill presses are definitely not set up for woodworking. The cast round table below the chuck isn’t woodworker friendly or even metalworking friendly.  Once you build this fixture you’ll love its adjustable fence for drilling equally centered holes and the stop block that… Read more

Chart for making a wooden serving tray

Maple and Walnut Serving Tray

This handsome maple and walnut serving tray is perfect for carrying snacks or beverages. You’ll appreciate the solid and stable feel of the 1-inch walnut handles as you carry the tray from your kitchen to your patio or living room. The plugs at the handle location and in the middle of the tray create an… Read more


Tools We Love: Dremel Multi-Max

I saw this tool demonstrated at a home center last year and bought it on the spot. I have to say the honeymoon is still going between me and this tool because I keep finding new tasks for it. I originally bought it to cut baseboard in place so I could butt built-in bookcases against… Read more

I-Socket Vacuum Automator in use image

I-Socket Vacuum Automator

  Tools We Love Until I bought this handy device, I’d hardly ever hook my vacuum up to my tools because it was too much bother. Then I’d find myself spending way too much time vacuuming up the mess later. The I-Socket solved my problem, and it’s effortless. It’s a cool plug-in device that automatically… Read more


Building a Knife Block

A knife block is a great gift project that you can easily build in less than a day. I designed this compact knife block to fit a limited counter space, eliminate some knife clutter and house the knives used only on a weekly basis. I also created an accessible spot for the handy kitchen scissors… Read more

Photo 2. Clamp the bit firmly in a vise and file the side of each paddle the same amount with a medium file. Count the strokes as a guide for each side and then check it with your template. Drill test holes to make sure your dowel or tenon fits snug.

Custom Diameter Bit

A few years ago, I was installing some balusters that the customer had picked up from a salvage yard for his stairway. I went to my local lumber supplier and bought some 3/4″ dowels to insert into the bottom of each baluster so we could glue them into holes in the stair treads. When I… Read more


Utility Blade Scraper: Make Your Own Cabinet Scraper

I came up with this nifty tool out of necessity while doing a custom cabinet installation. I had to fabricate some pieces on the job and noticed that there were milling chatter marks and tool burns on some boards that I had to finish and get installed that day. I didn’t have a cabinet scraper… Read more