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Bruce Kieffer is a freelance woodworking author, technical illustrator, and custom furniture builder. He has built everything imaginable, including uniquely designed art furniture, Stickley and other reproductions, household furniture and even canoes and a sailboat. Fine furniture and custom cabinets are his specialty. Get more from Bruce on Google+

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Self-Centering Dowelling Jig Review

Self-Centering Dowel Jig – An Old Favorite Gets Better

I use dowels to assemble parts quite often; things like face frames, table bases, and chairs. Trying to drill and align the dowel holes without a decent dowel hole drilling jig is futile. This dowel jig (see Source below) is the latest version of a long-time favorite of mine. It has 4 threaded holes and… Read more

Outdoor Bench Plans

Curvy Cedar Outdoor Bench Plans

I designed these outdoor bench plans to be simple and fast to build. I wanted it to have lots of curves with minimal templates, and I wanted it to have very few screw heads exposed on the outer surfaces. My wife loves it! I made it using construction grade cedar and finished it with a… Read more


How to Make an Outdoor Table (4-Person)

We needed a new table for our small patio. I designed this DIY outdoor table to be simple, easy to build, rock solid, and to last a lifetime. It’s made of construction grade cedar and finished with a clear exterior sealer. Cedar is great for outdoor projects since it’s rot and bug resistant. I bought… Read more

Last Minute Woodworking Gifts 2013 | iPhone Holder

iPhone/iPad Stand

I assembled and finished four of these iPhone/iPad stands in one day. I made two sizes: a narrow one for an iPhone, and a wider one for an iPad. I built three prototypes, and from doing that I learned there is no one-size fits all. The thickness of the support bar has to be just… Read more

IMG_1118 small

One Great Tip: Rare Earth Magnet Chisel Rack

Problem. I have a real mess in my chisel storage drawer. Good chisels bounce around far too much, and I have to protect every chisel edge otherwise they get banged and dinged. Idea. Will a pair of rare earth magnets hold a chisel rack? Will the setup work for all the different size of chisels… Read more

This image is is of woodworking tools

JessEm Clear-Cut Stock Guides: Tools We Love

I’ve long wanted some type of hold-down hold-in system that was faster, easier, safer, and more flexible than the traditional feather boards. Here it is! Thank you JessEm for figuring this out. Plus these new clear-cut stock guides are darn cool looking… and I’m a sucker for cool looking tools! What they are. The system… Read more

Magna-Pad 900

Magna Pads

I love the name…It describes this clamp pad perfectly! I use shop-made 1/4″ thick mdf clamp pads to protect my work when I’m clamping. My clamp pads are easy to position on clamps across short distances, but impossible to set across distances that are greater than my reach. My solution was to embed a small… Read more

this is an image of a drill bit

Tools We Love: Aircraft Drill Bits

Long drill bits reach where ‘regular’ drill bits just can’t. Aircraft drill bits are long drill bits originally designed for use in the aircraft industry where they often need to drill holes reaching through deep cavities, and then through thin materials. I find them invaluable in my shop for drilling holes in tight spaces, and… Read more


Jointer vs Planer

Beginning woodworkers all ask this basic question; what is the difference between a jointer and a planer? The answer is simple, a lot! Each machine does a completely different surfacing operation. A jointer flattens a face or straightens and squares an edge, and a planer thicknesses wood. Whether you need one, the other, or both… Read more

Image of apple finishing with small keepsake box

Small Keepsake Boxes

I noticed my wife has many very small keepsake boxes. I sneaked a look inside and found a myriad of little treasures, and then an inspiration hit me! Maybe she’d like a nice handmade wooden one? She absolutely loves it, and I got lots of points! It’s fairly easy to make, and a great last… Read more

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