Woodworking Projects

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Wooden tissue box cover image

Build A Tissue Box Cover

As a woodworker, I love it when I can use the beauty of wood to turn ordinary household items into something extraordinary.Take the common box of tissues, for example. A simple wooden cover can transform a drab box into a thing of beauty. Tissue box covers make great gifts, and they are a great way… Read more


Building a Knife Block

A knife block is a great gift project that you can easily build in less than a day. I designed this compact knife block to fit a limited counter space, eliminate some knife clutter and house the knives used only on a weekly basis. I also created an accessible spot for the handy kitchen scissors… Read more

Image of how to make kitchen wooden tongs

Kitchen Wooden Tongs

This is a great little gift that will please any recipient. Kitchen tongs are used for everything from tossing salad and twirling pasta to grabbing a hot bagel from the toaster (wooden tongs are perfect for this task!) The project takes advantage of the innate quality of thin wood: flexibility. Woods with low odor and… Read more

These are two blank wooden napkin holders

Napkin Holder and Matching Trivets

Well, this project was born of necessity. My wife and I had a wooden napkin holder for years until the newly acquired kitten found reason to move it from the table to the floor just to check if it, too, was subject to gravity. (Don’t ask about the $300 hand blown glass bowl he also… Read more

This is an image demonstrating how to do an apple finish

Walnut Knife Block

Storing kitchen knives is a perpetual problem. Some people buy them one by one, and when not in use, the knives jangle inside a drawer getting dull and nicked. Other people store an enormous set of nine or ten kitchen knives, six steak knives, scissors, and a sharpening steel in a huge angled knife block… Read more

This is an image of a knife block with scissors holder

Twas a Month Before Christmas

‘Twas a month before Christmas and Oh, woe is me. No gifts are ready For under the tree There are siblings, cousins, Aunt Gertie too I’ll never be ready. What can I do? When what to my wondering eyes should appear But a sleigh full of stories That filled me with cheer The projects are… Read more

Image of apple finishing with small keepsake box

Small Keepsake Boxes

I noticed my wife has many very small keepsake boxes. I sneaked a look inside and found a myriad of little treasures, and then an inspiration hit me! Maybe she’d like a nice handmade wooden one? She absolutely loves it, and I got lots of points! It’s fairly easy to make, and a great last… Read more

This is an image of parts to a candle wall

Modern Candle Wall Sconce

I went to Daniel Kantor of Kantor Group (Minneapolis based design firm) to get a fresh idea for a WWGOA Christmas project. I am delighted with the design he has provided for this modern candle wall sconce, as it looks great and it is relatively simple to build in mass production for Christmas gifts. Dan… Read more


Office in a Closet: Drawers and Doors (Part 2 of 4)

This is the second installment of a four-part series on squeezing A LOT of desk into a small spot. In Part 1 Paul took us through design considerations and carcase construction. The case is ready for drawer and doors. There are nearly an infinite number of methods for building drawers. Here I used a full… Read more

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