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How to Make a Wood Handeled Bottle Opener

How to Make a Wood Handled Bottle Opener

This Christmas, why not make something new from something old for that certain someone? A little prized scrap wood is all it takes to transform a humdrum plastic handled bottle opener into handcrafted wood handled bottle opener. I found two such bottle openers knocking around my kitchen. The first had a short, narrow tang with… Read more

Wine Rack Final Assembly

Wine Rack Project

This year my wife, Ann, suggested I make holiday gifts for several of our family and friends. She often produces fabric art quilts and they are consistently well received. I contribute too – but not as many gifts as she does. Where does she find the time? I looked through a couple hundred images of… Read more

Box Joint Grill Scaper - grooving

Box Joint Grill Scraper

The CDC issued a warning against using metal wire brushes on a grill due to the risk of ingesting a wire as it falls off the brush and attaches itself to an unsuspecting burger. It sounded farfetched, but it’s actually real. The natural solution for any woodworker is to make a grill scraper out of… Read more

Last Minute Woodworking Gifts 2013 | iPhone Holder

iPhone/iPad Stand

I assembled and finished four of these iPhone/iPad stands in one day. I made two sizes: a narrow one for an iPhone, and a wider one for an iPad. I built three prototypes, and from doing that I learned there is no one-size fits all. The thickness of the support bar has to be just… Read more

Woodworking Bench Plans: Entry way Bench

Sturdy & Modern Entryway Bench

A bench that will be placed in a home’s entryway is an important project for a couple reasons. First; visibility. It will be one of the first things that visitors see when they arrive, and so it will help to set the first impression of the overall home. Second, it is likely to receive a… Read more

green egg table feature

The Big Green Egg Cart

I occasionally like to take on unusual woodworking projects, so when my friend asked if I would help him build a rolling cart for his new “Big Green Egg” grill, I didn’t hesitate to dive in. My only concern was that putting wood so close to a source of fire gave me the “willies”, but… Read more


Build a Shelved Mirror

In my house there’s a significant morning bottle neck at the bathroom door. Too many people, not enough bathrooms. But a big part of the hold up was hair brushing and make up, tasks that only require mirror access. After reflecting on the issue I decided to take some pressure off the bathroom by making… Read more

This is an image of wood strips

Turn an Oil Wand Kaleidoscope

As I’ve stated in earlier articles, my shop (like many others) generates a lot of small pieces of wood, each one precious. My wife just shakes her head and often accuses me of buying scraps! I’ve turned those piles of scrap into lots of fun projects like cribbage boards, serving trays and napkin holders. This… Read more

Chart for making a wooden serving tray

Maple and Walnut Serving Tray

This handsome maple and walnut serving tray is perfect for carrying snacks or beverages. You’ll appreciate the solid and stable feel of the 1-inch walnut handles as you carry the tray from your kitchen to your patio or living room. The plugs at the handle location and in the middle of the tray create an… Read more

Cavatelli Paddle for wooden engraving

Cavatelli Paddle, Revisited

WWGOA reader Henry Kay took Paul Mayer’s cavatelli paddle to another level. He owns a CNC (computer numerical controlled) router system and programmed it to make the paddle and engrave the recipe on the reverse side. In an effort to make the text easier to see, Henry darkened it with coffee. The entire paddle was… Read more

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