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Minwax Wipe-On Poly Review

Minwax Water Based Wipe-On Poly

I was excited to try this stuff when I first saw it on the internet. My reasons? Well… since moving my shop to our home, I can no longer use “stinky” finishes, plus, I really like the smoothness of wipe-on finishes, and I especially like the look of clear water-based finishes on unstained wood–so this… Read more

veritas dovetail saw review

Veritas 14 tpi Dovetail Saw

I must be honest; I don’t hand cut dovetails, but I do use a dovetail saw to make fine, straight, and very accurate cuts on other types of woodworking joints. For those cuts, nothing but a quality dovetail saw will suffice. And as long as I’m being honest, I’ll admit one more thing; this saw… Read more

SuperMax Drum Sander Review

SuperMax 37-Inch Drum Sander

George’s review of the Performax 22-44 was so popular we thought it might interest our readers to hear about the advantages a larger machine offers. This is a review of the SuperMax 37; a machine that shares a lot of great features with the Performax 22-44, including variable speed feed rate, a non-slip conveyor belt,… Read more

Jet 22 Drum Sander Review

Jet 22-44 Plus Drum Sander

I enjoy having the chance to write up the new products I see, but what those reviews lack, is any kind of long term testing. I love having the chance to use a tool for a while, then write about it. This is the case with the Performax 22-44 Plus Drum Sander. I’ve had one… Read more

SawStop Contractor Saw Review

The SawStop Contractor Saw

Cabinet Saw Features and Performance Plus Unmatched Safety. SawStop’s new Contractor Saw is the safest contractor saw on the market. That’s a given, considering that SawStop’s patented safety system is built into every saw it sells (see Safety section). While the safety system and the famous hot dog demos may be the stars of show,… Read more

JessEm Zip Slot Mortise Mill Product Review

JessEm Zip Slot Mortise Mill

Add a drill and the Zip Slot Mills provide an easy and effective way to do loose tenon joinery. JessEm Tools has rolled out a couple of new products designed to make loose tenon joinery easy. Their Zip Slot Mortise Mill, $250, and Pocket Zip Slot Mortise Mill, $100, use a special drill bit, in… Read more

Festool Router Product Review

The Festool OF 2200 Plunge Router Reviews

The Perfect Combination of Brains and Brawn. Festool’s OF 2200, $800, is a big router with a light touch.  Weighing in at over 17 pounds, the OF 2200 sports a 3-1/4 hp (18-amp) motor to power through just about any routing task–from deep pocket mortises to heavy molding cuts. But the beauty of this beast… Read more

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