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Ridgid EB4424 Oscillating Edge Belt / Spindle Sander

Ridgid EB4424 Oscillating Edge Belt / Spindle Sander

Tool reviews are often written based upon an experience with a brand new tool just pulled out of the box. In this case, however, I am writing about a tool that has been put through some extreme paces for about a year, as my father and I use it extensively in his woodworking business. You… Read more

BESSEY ratcheting style spring clamps with 6-3/4″ clamping capacity

4 BESSEY Spring Clamps You Shouldn’t Be Without

I made a picnic basket recently, and while doing so, I exposed a serious weakness in my arsenal of spring clamps. My “regular old” spring clamps that had served me well for all these years weren’t up to the task of basket making. They applied too much pressure, and dented the soft wood I used… Read more

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Bosch Power Box PB360S Jobsite Radio

No matter what your favorite type of music is, music and workin’ just plain go together. The jobsite radio may be the biggest improvement since transistors. Big sound, able to play lots of different types of media, and relatively dust and weather proof. Have a look at Bosch’s newest addition to this category.

Lie-Nielsen Bronze No. 4 Bench Plane

Lie-Nielsen Bronze No. 4 Bench Plane

OK, let’s start with full disclosure; I enjoy hand planing more than almost any other activity in the shop, and I have lusted over Lie-Nielsen hand planes for over a decade, but I haven’t purchased one until now. Why? Two reasons. First, they cost more than most hand planes on the market, and I am… Read more

Dust Deputy From Oneida review

Dust Deputy from Oneida

If you ask most woodworkers to cite their least favorite aspect of woodworking, most would say “sanding”. When I asked that question of my father a while back, he said “I don’t mind sanding, but what bothers me is having to stop sanding about every 10 minutes to clear the filter on my shop vacuum”…. Read more

Jig-It Shelving Jig From Rockler

Jig-It Shelving Jig from Rockler

Regardless of what type of woodworking you do, it is likely that you periodically end up building items that include shelves, whether it is kitchen cabinets, a bookcase, armoire, display case, or other furniture. Occasionally I choose to permanently fix each shelf into a location using dados or biscuits, but more commonly I find that… Read more

Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit Review

Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit

Model PS50-2B Being the frugal woodworker I am, I had to ask myself if this Bosch Multi-X wasn’t one of those “Do I really need this” tools? To my surprise, I find it more useful than I imagined. It lives on my bench for quick access, and I use it to do many odd jobs… Read more

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blades Review

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blades

My peers keep telling me how great these bandsaw blades are, so I figured it was time to put them to the test. I experimented with the following three bandsaw blades:VPC SERIES- 3/4″ x 2/3 tpi (teeth per inch) x .025″ thick, variable tooth design for straight-line resawing in kiln and air drying small to… Read more

Delta Lathe Product Review

Delta 12-1/2″ Midi-Lathe Model #46-460

Compact lathes were an instant success when they first hit the market. Their low cost and portability opened the doors to prospective turners who lacked the funds or space required for full size lathes. Unlike most of us as we mature over the years, compact lathes have grown in power, capacity and refinement without putting… Read more

Pinewood Forge Hook Knife Review

Pinewood Forge Hook Knife

While I am not an avid carver, I enjoy dabbling in it occasionally, and on a whim, I recently made a first attempt at carving a spoon. While I was reasonably pleased by the results, I was frustrated by the challenge of getting a consistent shape and smooth bottom to the bowl of the spoon…. Read more

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