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this is an image of a Clear Vue Cyclones Model 1800LH review

Stepping Up to Better Dust Collection

Clear Vue Cyclones Model 1800LH Review The reason that we woodworkers need to implement dust collection in our shops is not to keep the shop clean per se, as a broom can do an adequate job of that for a fraction of the cost. The real purpose of dust collection is to keep the microscopic… Read more

Festool CXS Drill image

Festool CXS Drill Product Review

Battery technology continues to revolutionize the woodworking industry. I am amazed at the incredible selection of tiny drills and drivers available to professionals and hobbyists alike. Sometimes called micro-drivers, these tools deliver performance that belies their diminutive size, and the new Festool CXS is no exception. OVERVIEW The CXS comes with many features found standard… Read more

this is an image of a drill bit

Tools We Love: Aircraft Drill Bits

Long drill bits reach where ‘regular’ drill bits just can’t. Aircraft drill bits are long drill bits originally designed for use in the aircraft industry where they often need to drill holes reaching through deep cavities, and then through thin materials. I find them invaluable in my shop for drilling holes in tight spaces, and… Read more


Tools We Love: Dremel Multi-Max

I saw this tool demonstrated at a home center last year and bought it on the spot. I have to say the honeymoon is still going between me and this tool because I keep finding new tasks for it. I originally bought it to cut baseboard in place so I could butt built-in bookcases against… Read more

Bosch ROS65VCL-6 sander image

New Low Vibration, High Quality Random Orbital Sander from Bosch

Bosch ROS65VCL-6 Review In spite of the fact that I use a ROS quite a bit, and have had a love/hate relationship with this tool category. I enjoy the benefits of fast, swirl free sanding, but the gyroscope effect from most of the units that I have used leaves me feeling beat up after a… Read more

I-Socket Vacuum Automator in use image

I-Socket Vacuum Automator

  Tools We Love Until I bought this handy device, I’d hardly ever hook my vacuum up to my tools because it was too much bother. Then I’d find myself spending way too much time vacuuming up the mess later. The I-Socket solved my problem, and it’s effortless. It’s a cool plug-in device that automatically… Read more

This is an image of cutting dowels

Tools We Love: Japanese Ryoba and Mini Dozuki Handsaws

I would never call myself a woodworking purist. I have never flattened a broad plank of white oak with a scrub plane or hand cut a chest full of dovetails. That’s what power tools and jigs are for! But every once in a while I marvel at the efficiency of a beautifully designed hand tool…. Read more

Trammel Points demonstration

Tools We Love: Trammel Points

When it comes to making BIG circles, you need a pair of trammel points. This set, sold by Rockler, is very nice. I really like the wooden handles and brass fittings. They not only look good, they also feel good in your hands, and work great for large radius projects. In the set, you get… Read more

Demonstration of a Japanese square

Tools We Love: Japanese Square

Sometimes less really is more. This Japanese Square is perfect in so many ways. Made out of stainless steel, it is hefty enough to withstand daily use, but light enough to toss in an apron pocket. As opposed to other squares that have sliding straightedges, this square has a long, fixed foot that makes it… Read more

This is an image of a birch wood

Spiral Cutterheads for the Jointer: Worth the Upgrade Price?

Nope, that’s certainly not your grandpa’s jointer cutterhead. It’s called a spiral cutterhead. It is a newer design that uses the concept of insert tooling rather than traditional straight knives installed in the cutterhead. Small square carbide cutters are placed in close proximity to one another along a machined spiral pattern in a steel head…. Read more

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