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This is an image of a blade guard

Why I Bought a SawStop

I recently bought a SawStop tablesaw. (Is that the sound of applause I’m hearing?) On the one hand, it was an easy decision. Who wouldn’t want the blade brake safety feature only SawStop offers. On the other hand, it wasn’t a snap decision. In fact, years went by between the time I first used a… Read more

This is an image of someone scrapping wood

Tools We Love: A “Real” Burnisher Makes All the Difference

I tried my hand at using a cabinet scraper a couple years ago and was frustrated that in spite of my best efforts to roll a proper burr on its edge, I just couldn’t tune the scraper to produce more than dust and the occasional wimpy shaving. I followed all the instructions, and did everything… Read more

Domino XP500 Product Review

Domino XP500 Review

In the 21st Century it is rare that a tool can revolutionize a wood joinery technique, yet the Festool Domino does just that. It borrows the portability and engineered fasteners from the biscuit jointer, and the robust joints created by a slot mortiser to result in a super-efficient joint making machine. The first time I… Read more

This is an image of grizzly jointer bigger than a man

Grizzly 8″ Jointer Model 490X Review: One Year Later

Tool reviews are great as they help us make purchasing decisions, but what is normally missing is a retrospective view. Sure, it looked great in the initial evaluation, but how did it hold up in production, and how well did it meet the owner’s initial expectations over time? In that light, I wanted to provide… Read more

Ridgid Table Saw Product Review

Ridgid Table Saw Product Review

Hybrid table saw innovation is less than a decade old. It marries the benefits of stationary cabinet saws like a cast iron top, full-depth T-Slots, great dust collection, and a high quality adjustable fence with the merits of the contractor saw including low amperage draw, reasonable price and portability. The hybrid has become a favorite… Read more

Little Wizard Metal Detector Review

Little Wizard Metal Detector Review

I use a lot of salvaged lumber, and have devastated my planer and jointer knives, not to mention my saw blades, with embedded nails, screws, and even a bullet! Now that I have the Little Wizard II, I no longer have that problem. This compact metal detector is extremely sensitive, able to detect framing nails… Read more

Image of a Review of the Woodmaster 718 Molder/Planer

Woodmaster 718 Review: Planer, Molder, Sander, Ripper

My lunchbox planer had served me pretty well over the years, but recently as I have started to work with more rough sawn material, and doing a lot more woodworking in general, I came the conclusion that I needed more performance and capacity in a planer. This led me on a research project that involved… Read more

Harbor Freight Dust Collector Review

Harbor Freight Dust Collector

I needed a new dust collector in a bad way. Shop vacuums are a great way to start collecting dust and chips out in the garage or basement, but a full sized dust collector offers much more suction as well as greater capacity for chips on tools like the planer and jointer. It is always… Read more

This is an image of a spokeshaver

Turgeon Spokeshaves: Product Review

The spokeshave is an interesting tool; boatbuilders, luthiers and furniture makers have utilized this humble tool for centuries to chamfer, shape and smooth all manner of parts, from cabriole legs to guitar necks. Master bowyer Tom Turgeon needs a spokeshave to ’tiller’, or shape the longbows he makes. Finding all of the commercially available spokeshaves… Read more

Woodworking with a jigsaw image

Jigsaw: Tools We Love

When I started woodworking, I had a lot of tools to acquire. Of course, the table saw was the first big purchase. After a while, I got a really nice sliding miter saw, and then a planer. One of the ‘big’ tools that took me a long time to acquire was a bandsaw. I love… Read more

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