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Workarounds: My Jointer Is Too Small

Natural edged slab wood can be turned into some amazing projects. But taming the rough slab can be a chore. A planer needs a jointed surface on one face of the plank before it can do its job. A jointer works great for this, but a typical slab will exceed the capacity of most jointers…. Read more


Tools We Love: Brass Set-Up Gauges

My feeling is that every time you read a ruler you have the chance to make a mistake. That’s why I love using brass set-up bars whenever I can. By feeling from the top of the cutter to the top of the bar, I know the bit height is correct. This set includes five sizes;… Read more


Miter Gauge Tip

I have a tendency to misplace my squares, which often results in me reaching for a scrap of wood for an approximate angle. I’ve found what works far better though, is to take my miter gauge, and flip it upside down with the face of the gauge along the edge of the board. The bar… Read more


Workaround: Cut Biscuit Grooves with a Router

So you need to cut a few biscuit grooves but don’t own a biscuit (plate) joiner — No problem, cutting the grooves with your router and a slot-cutter bit is easy. So I’ll bet you’re wondering if it’s so easy then why even own a biscuit joiner? Well there are pros and cons: Pros: Great… Read more


Workbench Add Ons

I just finished watching your latest dvd “Tricks of the trade Vol 2″ and like all the others found it to be very informative. I was pleased to see that there are other workbench tops in as bad a shape as mine. I wanted to pass on a couple things I put on the top… Read more


Shop Made Circular Saw Guide; Cheap, Easy, & Awesome!

Working with big sheets of plywood, or worse yet MDF, can be a bear. Even on my cabinet saw, equipped with ample outfeed support, I dread man-handling those behemoth sheets. Its grunt work at best, and can be downright dangerous if the slightest thing goes wrong. I have stories among my circle of friends, and… Read more


Optimize Workshop Space

I have a garage shop, and to keep feather boards, miter gauges, push blocks, clipboard, hand broom, and other table saw accessories handy, I hung a couple of boards from the rafters, right over the table saw. I also have a 3-light track light on it. I can reach any accessory, without moving from the… Read more


Clamping Together the Ends of Two Long Pieces

This trick is also great for clamping together all kinds of odd shaped hard-to-clamp joints, and useful a when you need a longer clamp than you have. The Problem. Every so often we are all faced with a “how the heck do I clamp this” situation. I was recently building a very large boat shaped… Read more

How To Repair a Chair Tools Hrxxx

Chair Repair Done Right

Few pieces of furniture get more abuse than a chair. That’s because chairs have to solve two contradictory problems; they must be light enough to be mobile but strong enough to hold the shifting weight of its occupant. Light joints, big loads and constant movement add up to a lot of wear and tear on… Read more


Wax Paper Hole Transfer Template

The other day I needed to mount an electrical power strip to the back of a cabinet. On the back of my power strip were four screw mounting holes. I could have spent a lot of time drawing a complex layout on the rear of the cabinet, but instead here’s what I did: I cut… Read more

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