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Preventing Clamp Scars

Dress for Success – Preventing Clamp Scars. I’m often asked to repair furniture for friends and family. I guess they figure if I can build a chair, I ought to be able to repair one as well. Handscrews are my clamp of choice when it comes to fixing a split spindle or leg. Because I’m… Read more


Economic Custom Grips

I have yet to find a screwdriver that comes with a comfortable handle. One day, while rummaging through my shop junk drawer, I came across a left over rubber foot. The feet are sold in hardware stores and used to create a no slip, no-mar cover for everything from canes to chair legs. On a… Read more

FastCap Lefty/Righty 16' Tape Measure

My Three Favorite Measuring Tools

If you’re going to do woodworking, you’re going to have to measure stuff. Here are the three measuring tools I use the most, and why I like them. # 1. FastCap Lefty/Righty 16′ Tape Measure. I’ve used lots of tape measures, and this is one of the best. The white disc on the face is… Read more


Positive Wrench ID

I have a problem which, admittedly, is a good problem to have. After a few years of woodworking (and thoughtful gifts from family and friends), I’ve got more than one router. The problem comes up when I reach for wrenches. Since the routers aren’t all the same brand, the wrenches aren’t interchangeable. Seems like I… Read more


Never Again Lose Router Wrenches

Even with dust collection on my router table, it seemed I always had the same problem. I’d open the doors on the cabinet below the table and find a mountain of sawdust. The biggest problem was that somewhere below that sawdust were my router wrenches, collet, and other tools I needed for the router table…. Read more


Shady Protection for Assembly Table

Although my project assembly has a durable and resilient surface there are still plenty of messy projects that leave various residues–especially small staining and painting tasks. To avoid spending a lot of valuable shop time cleaning up my assembly table, I usually put a sheet of heavy paper down before opening a can of paint… Read more


Bullet Proof Assembly Surface

If you’re like me, your assembly table top takes a beating. No matter how careful you are, an errant drop of glue or a sharp edge or corner leaves either a lump or divot. You can live with these minor flaws, repair them, or someday replace the top. I used to live with a few… Read more


My Fave-Five: Second Tier Tools

This story presents five of my favorite second tier tools. I call them “second tier tools” because they aren’t essential tools you need to set up a shop. However, they are high impact tools that are wonderfully useful and really make a difference in my woodworking endeavors. I think of them as the perfect shop… Read more


Perfect Hinge Mortises on Small Boxes

Patience and Accuracy Pay Off. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a small wooden jewelry box and its promise of treasures hidden inside. Poorly installed hinges that bind or catch can ruin the anticipation of opening the lid. Installing hinges to hold the lid in place can be tricky, if not downright maddening. The… Read more


No Mess Saw Blade Cleaning

Recently, I decided it was time to clean my saw blades to remove a bunch of built-up gunk. I laid the blades on newspaper to suck up the extra cleaning solution and I cleaned a few. I looked down at a huge mess I had just made and I said to myself, “There has to… Read more

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