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Hearing Protection for the Woodshop

Why Hearing Protection is Important My first job out of college was framing houses. The contractor I worked for was ‘old school.’ Protective gear like gloves, earplugs or safety glasses were generally viewed as signs of weakness. For a long time I tried to be a tough guy. After an afternoon of air-nailing fire blocking… Read more

Pattern Cutting on Table Saw - Overview

Pattern Cutting on a Table Saw

Pattern cutting on a table saw is an easy and fast way to produce lots of identical parts. I’ve used this technique to make parts for everything from bird houses to Adirondack chairs. Get started by making the fence. Make the pattern fence using a vertical piece that is 1-3/4” wide and a horizontal piece… Read more

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One Great Tip: Rare Earth Magnet Chisel Rack

Problem. I have a real mess in my chisel storage drawer. Good chisels bounce around far too much, and I have to protect every chisel edge otherwise they get banged and dinged. Idea. Will a pair of rare earth magnets hold a chisel rack? Will the setup work for all the different size of chisels… Read more


George’s Three Favorite Woodworking Jigs for Cabinetmaking

I’m always looking for ways to streamline my woodworking. Thrifty (read cheap) woodworker that I am my preference is to problem solve with shop-made woodworking jigs rather than commercially produced jigs. Here are my three favorite shop-made woodworking jigs for cabinetmaking: Dado Sizer For years I used the T and E method (Trial and Error)… Read more

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What’s the Deal with Wobble Heads?

I find that I’m asked pretty frequently about wobble (adjustable) dado heads. You can’t blame folks for asking. A wobble head is a lot less expensive than a stackable head. So why don’t woodworkers use them much? About the Blade A wobble head consists of one blade mounted on a hub. Dialing the hub allows… Read more

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The Case for Cordless Nail Guns

Photos by Author I have been a big fan of pneumatic nail guns for years, and like many woodworkers I have an arsenal of guns that can shoot anything from a tiny pin to nearly a railroad spike. I marvel at the power and precision of these tools, but like anything they have their downsides…. Read more


Fix a Misplaced Mortise

Oops. When using loose tenons on a recent project I cut the mortise on the wrong face of a board. Has this happened to you? Don’t panic. We can make that mortise nearly invisible with a Dutchman, a woodworking wood for a plug. Why is it called a Dutchman? I don’t know…just because. Using the… Read more

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Magna Pads

I love the name…It describes this clamp pad perfectly! I use shop-made 1/4″ thick mdf clamp pads to protect my work when I’m clamping. My clamp pads are easy to position on clamps across short distances, but impossible to set across distances that are greater than my reach. My solution was to embed a small… Read more

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Sledding in the Shop with Jake (no snow required)

Sleds are a very valuable asset. They provide a way to allow the work piece to travel parallel to the blade or cutter head to ensure an accurate cut on both large and small pieces, and even irregular shapes. They can have hold downs, clamps, and/or fences to hold the work piece secure during the… Read more


Sign Your Work

Sign Your Work A few years ago I reworked a set of candle sticks for the local Masonic Lodge, stripping off the many layers of old paint and exposing the fine details. As I handled the hollow candle sticks I could hear something rattling around inside one of them. I finally pried off the bottom… Read more

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