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This is an image of a Bosch drill driver

Bosch 14.4V Litheon Compact Tough Drill Driver

  Model 36614-02 I recently purchased one of Bosch Tool’s new 14.4-volt Litheon Drill Drivers, and I must say, it’s a fine tool. Cordless drill/drivers have really come a long way during my 30-plus year career. This drill beats the living daylights out of any vintage cordless drill/driver. It sells for around $180. For that… Read more

This is an image of a grizzly table saw

Grizzly Sliding Table Saw, Amazing Price

Grizzly has again done something that they’re great at making what looks like an amazing tool at what I know is an amazing price. Their new G0700 table saw, $2,595, is a 10″ sliding table saw with a 5 hp motor and built in scoring blade. And, unlike some sliding saws, this saw will accept… Read more


Rikon Planer/Jointer Combo Machine

Hey, times are tough. Maybe you’re carefully watching your checkbook, trying to figure out which tools you can buy. If you want to save some cash and floor space in your shop, consider a planer and jointer combination machine like the new Rikon Planer/Jointer, $799. With its 10″ width capacity, it’s a little smaller than… Read more


QuieTunes Earmuffs

I really need background music when I’m working. Unfortunately, once I put hearing protection on to save my ears from shop noise, the only thing I can hear is myself thinking. And that’s not always pretty. QuieTunes AM/FM Radio Earmuffs, $74.50, are a real lifesaver. They’re ear protecting muffs that reduce sound by 22 decibels,… Read more

This is an image of Makita Sliding saw

Makita Sliding Miter Saw

I love the capacity that sliding miter saws provide, but I don’t like the footprint they require. Most sliders need a lot of real estate behind the saw to accommodate the saw rails. According to the folks at Makita their new LS1016L Sliding Miter Saw, $549, provides best-in-class cutting capacity without requiring lots of space… Read more


Infinity Dado Gauge

It’s easy to spend lots of time setting up a stackable dado head, searching for the perfect combination of rim blades, chippers, and shims to match the thickness of material you’re working with. Infinity Tools has come up with a good solution for this problem. Their Dado Gauge, $30, to be used in conjunction with… Read more

This is an image of SensGard's protectors

SensGard’s Zem Hearing Protectors

  Scientific Hearing Protection – Noise Canceling Technology Without the Batteries. Industrialization brought loud noises into a relatively quiet world. The first hearing protection was right at hand: fingers or hands were employed to either plug or cover the ears. These early devices worked OK, but made it hard to work while they were being… Read more

Fastcaps folding chisels

FastCap’s Folding Chisels and More

Back in my construction days, I struggled keeping a sharp chisel in my apron. First, it was an abusive environment that quickly dulled the chisel. Second, when the chisel was nice and sharp, the cutting tip quickly worked its way through my leather apron, leaving big holes behind. FastCap’s new Pocket Chisels solve this problem…. Read more


Super General Saw Blade by Infinity Cutting Tools

I’ve owned many different brands of “general purpose” saw blades over the years. All performed a variety of sawing tasks and all cost around $100. One aspect of general purpose blades that I really like is that I can leave one blade in my table saw for almost all of my cuts. This saves me… Read more


Grizzly Jointer/Planer Combo

Like peanut butter and jelly, a jointer and planer go together. If you really want to produce perfectly flat, straight, and square wood, you’ll need both. Having a hard time deciding which you should buy first? Go ahead, get ‘em both in a combo machine. Grizzly’s Jointer/Planer Combination machine (#G0675), $1,195, does both planing and… Read more

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